Preparation for Quarantine


By: Corey Lack


As businesses slowly reopen, it seems like the quarantine is coming to an end. That said, the cases of COVID-19 have been raising lately and it could result in another mass shut-down across the country. If that is the case, then it is best to be prepared for possibly being inside for at least as long as the last time. No, not that kind of prepared. Put the six packs of toilet paper back! Good, now that I have your attention, let me explain. Should we all get trapped back in our houses again, it would be best if you have ways to use your time.


If you live with others, then it’ll likely be pretty easy to find ways to amuse yourself. Games of all varieties can be easily bought online and shipped directly to your home. It’s easy to pass hours of fun playing classic games like Sorry or Uno, especially if you’re big into schadenfreude. There are even video games that still allow you to play offline.


Now, if you live alone, then things get a little tricky and you’ll have to get creative. Obviously, there are the countless streaming services, video games, television shows, and movies that you could have access to, but maybe you want to do something that doesn’t involve sitting on your butt all day. The easiest way is going for a walk around your neighborhood. With the warm summer weather in full swing, there would be little stopping you on a clear day. Sure, it might seem a little dull, but it’s good exercise and, who knows, maybe you’ll see something that you never knew about your neighborhood.


For those of us that are old enough to drink and maybe craving human interaction, you could even have a virtual happy hour. With apps like Zoom and Skype, it’s pretty easy to have all the fun of normal happy hour with friends while also keeping social distancing in effect.


Another idea is, thanks to access to the internet, people have access to all manner of lessons on a number of different topics. There are programs that allow people to learn new languages, instruments, and even more manual tasks without having to leave your home.


The important thing to remember should a mass closure happen again is to just find a way to use your time and it will be much easier.

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