Yes, you read that right. The grim reaper made a appearance at Walton Beach not too long ago, touting the importance of social distancing amid new coronavirus upticks.

Daniel Uhlfelder PA is a lawyer in Florida specializing in real estate , bankruptcy and other civil and criminal law. He has made it his mission to keep people off Florida beaches, or at least remind them that there is still a pandemic going on. He thinks that things opened too quickly. It seems he is right.

Initially, seeing a guy on the beach dressed in black with a mask and carrying a scythe would certainly cause some concern, but is 2020, and people seem to be unfazed by this image. They were staying to their groups and mildly amused at the cameras following him around. If approaches he carries on a conversation , thoughtfully, when heckled, he says “See you soon.”

He says ” People like to sit back and tweet and complain, but I like to take action” This , a presumed dig at the President Donald Trump. He has no particular love for the way the State is run either. He sued the Florida Governor, Republican Ron DeSantis, for not closing all beaches during the first coronavirus surge. It was decided in favor of the Governor, but that lawsuit is under appeal from Ulhlfelder.

On his webpage, there is information about his practice, a blog and under the news tab, all the articles that have been written about him. Oddly enough the first image you see when accessing his site is a family smiling widely… on the beach.

So if you are in Florida and see the grim reaper when sunbathing, don’t be alarmed, your time isn’t up yet, it is just a reminder to be careful and take heed.

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