By Larry Johnson

Georgia Sen. Kelly Loeffler is the most transparent sort of racist hypocrite.

She’s a Republican Senator from Georgia who has something like $500 million, making her the richest member of Congress. She conveniently sold something like $1.8 million in stock before the most recent downturn, prompting questions about whether or not she had insider information.

Nothing much to see there — pretty much standard rich-folk stuff.

But Loeffler, who is White and who was appointed to her seat, was on Fox News last week, blathering about “the rule of law.” And “mob rule.”

What prompted Loeffler’s little lecture were the images of young African-Americans carrying long guns during protests in the wake of the killing of Rayshard Brooks, the Black man shot in the back by Atlanta police after they confronted him when he fell asleep in his car at a Wendy’s drive-through.

Here’s the thing, though. I looked and looked, and couldn’t find any reference on the Internet to Loeffler’s outrage at anti-masker protesters and THEIR long guns.

So when it’s Black people, mob rule is threatened, and when it’s white people, it’s simply Americans exercising their precious Second Amendment rights? And we’re just quiet about it?

Seems to me that if you’re exorcised about people carrying guns on the streets, their race shouldn’t matter.

Just for the record, I’m about as anti-gun as anyone. I don’t want anyone, Black or White, to run around in a volatile situation with their automatic weapons strapped across their chests. Seems like that’s begging for tragedy.

But if’s legal, it’s legal for all races.

Last time I looked, that’s the way the U.S. Constitution works. Our Constitutional protections and privileges don’t just apply to White people. They are supposed to apply to everyone.

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