Technology is an important part of everyday life in 2020. Some of the thing that people do on a normal day we can not do becuase of the virus. Example of this is many people shopped in retail or big box stores. Today most people are doing curb-side pickup or sending it to the house. These are everyday things from food to personal items that we get in the drugstore. One of the results of this is that people are using more of their credit/debit cards and less cash. The CDC is also telling people not to use cash to use plastic to reduce the rate of transmission.

Another thing that we are doing is working from home. Yes, now some people have the technology to log in to somethings at home, read work email, read over a report or charts for a meeting on Monday. Oh, the early Monday status meeting. However, with the virus aka: Covid-19 many companies have completely had their employees work from home.

The new question is are all of the daily technology changes here to start or are they tempory?

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