Crazy news in a crazy week of a crazy year

By Larry Johnson

These are crazy, anguished times. The craziness trancends race, Trump, and the COVID-19 pandemic. Our collective sense of wonder is daily challenged by lunacy on a grand scale.

In a less frantic environment, any one of these situations could qualify for 1,000 words or more. I worked for newspapers for a long time, back when there WERE newspapers. The Associated Press published a daily digest. Bigger papers had their own in-house, for local news.

In this crazy week of this crazy year, we may need a digest of news that’s infuriating, jarring, or just plain weird. Here are some digest entries:

  1. Republicans who served in the George W. Bush administration are forming a Super Pac to support Joe Biden. Get your mind around that one.
  2. The Iowa governor’s car struck a Black Lives Matter protester. She wasn’t driving, because, governor. Still, not a good look.
  3. CNN has a good story today about banking while Black. Here is a link Read it and imagine the humiliation of a young man trying to cash his first paycheck and, instead, getting the cops called on him and being handcuffed.
  4. Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is a man whose life qualifications included a bankrupt chain of sports bars, several stints as a conservative talk show host, and signing Rush Limbaugh to his first radio contract. That’s all just wonderful. But now he’s trying to tangle with chief U.S. epidemologist Dr. Anthony Fauci. Fauci doesn’t know what he’s talking about, Patrick claims, as Texas COVID-19 rates increase. As far as I can tell, Patrick has no science credentials. Stay in your own lane, Danny. Or, as you people like to say, just dribble.
  5. The European Union is doesn’t want to let Americans in for summer vacation because of high COVID rates in the U.S.
  6. More than 360 elephants have dropped dead in Botswana, and nobody knows why.
  7. ‘President’ Donald Trump is making a lot of noise about Confederate statues being pulled down by protesters, while seeming uninterested in the New York Times story alleging that Vladimir Putin of Russia paid a bounty for the deaths of American soldiers in Afghanistan. Well, except to make the story about himself, that is. Imagine the conservative out rage if Barack Obama had been accused of this. Yeah.
  8. Trump says the painting of “Black Lives Matter” on New York’s Fifth Avenue is “a symbol of hate.” Not those Confederate statues, though, of course. Those are “history.” I could keep going but I won’t. You and I both need a break.

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