Election 2020: Trump on the Way to Sealing Biden’s Presidency

Joe Biden has drummed up considerable funds and perspective votes by well, doing practically nothing. It seems that all he needs to do is let Trump continue to “beat himself” by tweeting and retweeting. It seems that Trump simply talking these days is enough to signal a edge for Joe.

The White House staff has been continually on alert and picking up the pieces of President Trumps verbal gaffs. Recently it was a retweet on twitter which extolled “white power”. The President claimed not to have seen that part of the tweet, just the part about how great he was. Most people know that others hold you responsible for things you retweet. This just shows great lack of detail oriented behavior that has plagued the President when it comes to social media, as well as going off script when in formal sessions.

So it appears that Mr Biden just has to keep the money train rolling and show up come election time and he has a decent chance of winning. He has yet to decide his Vice President, we know it will be a woman from his long standing talk on the subject. His decision is likely weeks away, but there are plenty of polls out there, to suggest the front-runner are Senators Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris.

Every now and then Biden will tout that the President could have intervened quicker when it came to the coronavirus, something that neither can really prove or disprove. Mr. Biden does not really talk about what he would have done, or what he will do particularly if he does win the election. According to Politico, he does have a stance on things like raising the minimum wage to 15.00 a hour, free community college, study reparations, boost teacher pay, and my favorite “don’t worry so much about China”. Not sure what the plan is to pay for all of this, but pehaps his plan will develop, and he may be able at some point to articulate it. Hats off to you, for understanding that right now less talk is perhaps the better course.

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