Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again (2018) – The Feel-Good Movie That Feel Good Movies Watch To Feel Good.

I say this with no exaggeration, no hesitation, and not a drop of irony. Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again is one of my favorite movies of all time. I love this movie. I love everything about this movie so much. Mamma Mia 2 is the most feel good movie to ever make anyone feel good. For anyone who doesn’t know, Mamma Mia 2 is the sequel to Mamma Mia (2008), a jukebox musical where all the songs are by the musical group Abba. From the cast to the world to the music, everything about this movie was carefully crafted to make anyone who watches it feel good.

This cast. THIS CAST. A murder’s row of talent. Amanda Seyfried, Lily James, Colin Firth, Pierce Brosnan, Dominic Cooper, Christine Baranski, Stellan Skarsgård, Cher, Meryl Streep, Julie Walters! Yes, you heard that right, Molly Weasley herself is here singing along to all of Abba’s greatest hits and I am loving every minute of it. Putting talent aside, is there a movie with a more attractive cast? I don’t think so. I mean, you got James Bond, Mr. Darcy, Karen from Mean Girls (2004), Cinderella, the list goes on and on! You have all of these talented actors and actresses, looking all nice and happy, singing Abba song? How is anyone going to feel anything but fantastic when experiencing this. I mean… yes… this movie does have some sad moments. Who among us wouldn’t feel heartbroken watching Seyfried and Cooper sing “One of Us” but then Lily James starts singing “When I Kissed The Teacher” and I’m back to dancing in my seat. Also, all of us cried our eyes out while Steep sang “My Love My Life” but then the credits start rolling and the whole cast is singing “Super Trooper” and we’re back to dancing! Even in the emotional moments this film can’t help but be absolutely a delight to the eyes and ears. Wait, hold on, I fear I am getting a head of myself. Sorry, I can’t help but gush about the music at every chance, but don’t worry, a whole section dedicated to the music is coming up. First, I want to talk about the world.

The world of Mamma Mia is insane. I mean, in what world is Cher old enough to be Meryl Streep’s mother? This one. The world of Mamma Mia 2, aka the perfect world. Also why did Christine Baranski and Julie Walters’ character’s haircuts never change between 2018 and the flashback to 1979? I mean, that’s pretty weird. Why is that- Oh hey! They’re singing “Mamma Mia”, I love this song! Wait… what was I complaining about? Eh… It probably doesn’t matter. Back to talking about the world. Any universe where you can break out into “Dancing Queen” and everyone not only joins you but you all know all the steps to a highly choreographed dance number is a world that I want to live in. In this stupid world all I get is weird looks from the other shoppers as Walmart. I want to live in the Mamma Mia 2 universe. I hate it here. Wait… I’m getting off track again. Anyway, the world of Mamma Mia 2 is a beautiful world where every major event and conflict conveniently lines up with the lyrics of a hit Abba song and every problem can be solved by singing said Abba song. It’s the perfect world.

Now. Let’s. Talk. Songs. Every song in this movie is fantastic. I dare you to find a single song in this movie that isn’t delightful. They bring back all the hits from the first movie and introduces new favorites at the same time. Of course, “Mamma Mia” and “Dancing Queen” would be reused for this movie. That was expected and I loved every second of it. Plus, while the first one uses “Mamma Mia” as a way to show that Donna (Streep) is shocked at being faced with her former lovers, the sequel uses it to show young Donna (James) getting out of her depressed state and having fun with her friends. Admittedly, “Dancing Queen” is used by both films to just have an excuse to get the whole cast dancing to the best Abba song, and I’m not complaining.  But, like I said, this movie isn’t just old favorites, it has new ones too. “One of Us”, “Angel Eyes”, “Why Did It Have To Be Me?”, three fantastic songs excluded from the first film that make their way into this one. Also, these songs are dropped into the film in ways the mostly make sense. The “Why Did It Have To Be Me?” scene is probably my favorite in the whole movie! You know what? I’ll link it below. If you can watch it without smiling, then this movie is not for you.

This video also shows the lyrics on screen, so feel free to sing along. That is half the fun after all.

All in all, this movie’s soundtrack is an absolute joy from beginning to end. I find myself listening to it all the time.

Now, I’ll take some time to answer the questions I assume you all have. Is the movie perfect? I guess that comes down to personal taste, but I’m inclined to say yes. Did Mamma Mia 2 feature a convoluted subplot simply to give them an excuse to have Cher sing “Fernando”? Yes, yes it did. And it was fantastic. Does Pierce Brosnan sing in this one too? Barley, I actually don’t mind his singing in the first movie but they cut his singing down to mainly just being in the chorus of songs. Is “Dancing Queen” added in for literally no reason? Kind of, it makes no narrative sense but “Dancing Queen” is probably Abba’s best song so who is complaining? Do I recommend watching this movie? …Yeah? Were… Were you not paying attention… I just talked about how great… Of course, I… Oh, you’re messing with me. Hilarious. Watch this movie.

At the risk of repeating myself. I love this movie. I love this movie with all my heart. I love it with every fiber of my being. I can’t even begin to explain how much joy is sparked in me by simply writing about it. Please… do yourself a favor and watch this movie. I give Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again 10 Abba Gold Albums out of 10.

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  1. Didizerah says:

    I loooove Mamma mia😍😍😍😍. I never really listened to Abba but mamma Mia made me fall in love with Abba. And the cast is insanely amazing 😍😍

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