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“Strictly For The Birds” Review: A love story with one’s self.

Jon Garcia’s Strictly For The Birds is a beautiful story about the journey of transformation and self-acceptance. This love story – between self and self, is told through voiceovers and flashbacks. 60-year-old, Kate Birdsall, played by herself, finds love after two marriages and a military career. She meets and falls for her friend Andrea Drury,…

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Romeo + Juliet (1996)- So Weird

Look, I get it. Shakespeare is the most influential writer of Western Civilization and it’s important to study his work and it’s influences on today. But, I thought I left that all behind in high school. Romeo + Juliet (1996) was not content for that to happen. Romeo + Juliet, is an adaptation of the…

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1917 (2019) – Beautiful

1917 (2019) is movie set in World War 1 about two soldiers racing to the front lines to try and prevent a doomed attack. Overall, the movie is incredible, but I want to talk about once scene in particular. So, spoilers ahead. Chills. Every time. Chills. I remember seeing this scene in theaters, the whole…

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