Oh boy, these are fast zombies.

28 Days Later (2002) is a movie directed by Danny Boyle that starts 28 days after the start of a zombie apocalypse in the United Kingdom. When we think zombies, we think those slow moving dead bodies, but in this movie, they are very fast. And Danny Boyle’s direction only makes them scarier.

A majority of the movie is shot using cameras with a lower picture quality then what was standard at the time. This gives the film a very gritty appearance. Giving the audience the same uneasy feeling that the characters are experiencing. The lower picture quality also helps make the zombies look scarier because it’s harder to see where the zombie makeup ends and the actor begins. Which keeps the audience in the terrified moment of wondering how the characters will escape.

Also, Boyle shoots the zombie action in a way where the camera shakes and moves around a lot, creating a sense of high energy and unpredictability for the audience that reflects what the characters are experiencing.

Also, these zombies are so fast. They are running, screaming, smashing through windows and cars. It’s terrifying.

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