Napoleon Dynamite (2004) is cult cringe comedy classic. About an awkward teenager living in a small Idaho town and trying to fit in. This movie is famous for its cringe comedy and plethora of insanely quotable lines. But, what is often forgotten about and where this movie really shines is it’s nearly perfect climax.

Now, this movie doesn’t have a whole lot in terms of plot. It’s very much a slice of life story. But, towards the end of the movie, Napoleon (played by Jon Heder) is helping his friend Pedro run for class president. The other candidate is a popular cheerleader. She seems like a shoe in to win. Pedro gets nervous and can’t give is speech. So, instead, Napoleon gets on stage and just dances.

He dances his heart out for his friend. For the first time in the movie, Napoleon has everyone’s attention. This awkward dweeb, with only two friends, who never gets any respect at school or at home, finally has everyone’s undivided attention. And he dances his heart out. He finally gets to show everyone what he’s good at. He finally get’s to let loose. He finally gets to dance. It’s beautiful. It’s the perfect climax to this story about some awkward nerd.

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