Voting: Our Great American Right

Hopefully there will be a light at the end of this toiling and exhaustive tunnel of hysteria, shame and angst that has riddled throughout society seemingly all year. Catastrophe after catastrophe has highlighted some of the worse aspects of Our nation and the flawed leadership(party establishments) that has ripped the solace and solidarity we all share as a United People. They’ve maimed it beyond our own understandings. A sense of chaotic rampage has fallen upon us with November 3rd looming in the back of our minds. The powers that be have neglected We The People for decades, and we’ve watched from the sidelines all the while, saying things like, “I’m not into Politics,” and/or “None of it really matters anyway. My vote doesn’t even matter.”. These are all sensible understandings. But going forward, there must come a time to realize what has been going on in that period, what have we let take shape? Sinister overlords planning to rule with a swift and sadistic view of us “Little People”? Or leaders selling Our nation’s value for an increase profit margin and deeper pockets and savings for them and their friends? Instead of, investing in Our nation’s economy and protecting the resources that We pay for as taxpayers. We are getting gypped. Too many of us wish to not partake in the cruel and sloppy world of politics, and the talking heads have been okay with that because they’ve run buck wild doing anything and everything they so please with the prosperity and future stakes of Our country. Now amid a nation wide economic struggle and shutdown everyone’s eyes are on the information. it’s very clear the vicious intentions of the Machine on both sides to push for more division and less solidarity on any and every issue that comes to Our attention. Voting is an inalienable right that allows us to have a say over Our volatile government’s action and overreach, or more likely, incomparably disregarding of the wants and needs of their communities; this right is the best tool for change.

“Politics is the art of controlling your environment… Never forget it, or you will become a Victim of your environment.” ~ Hunter S. Thompson

Whether we like it or not, politics is very crucial aspect of our affluent and modernized society. Our environment is harshly affected by the decisions of the people elected to lead it. To throw it away to the waste-side and allow the ruling elites of both parties to have a monopoly of decision making is a foolish and proving more and more every day how ineffective the current structure is. From severely impoverished and uneducated inner-cities, police brutality, lack of fortitude and forwardness in Our health care system, voter fraud, sketchy campaign dealings, and economic disparity nation-wide we have all suffered from the callous carelessness of Our so called “leadership” that we have voted into office year after year. We have protested most of these issues, raised our hands and voiced out our displeasure with the establishments with the shutdown of business back in March and April and in June over the horrible scene that occurred in Minnesota and has now taken on a global audience. We are always being watched, no doubt by Our government, but also by the world. The precedent for many cultural, political and societal movements and issues is set by Us. No matter your feeling towards this sentiment it’s true for most issues and sure we are hated and scowled at by some, but we also provide hope for Freedom and Liberty for many others, a beacon of light. So how can we make the difference? GO VOTE!

For these upcoming presidential elections, 35 states have placed or amended rules in their voting laws to either automatically send mail-in ballots to all registered voters or loosened the restrictions on the excuses for absentee voting, which will allow people with worries or concerns over COVID to vote via mail. There are 15 states still require excuses for absentee voting, though some like Texas and Louisiana legislators have been working through their state courts to get this changed to no-excuse necessary absentee voting or at least to be mindful of those concerned with recent outbreak. There is no shortage of buzz and criticism over this issue because of the very real threat of voter fraud and manipulation, although many if not most states haven’t completely cut in-person voting at polls. To be frank the system is mightily flawed and will no doubt yield imperfections in it’s numbers, but as Americans we are overdue for an actual change in how our democracy is run and how are voices are heard. To do so we must exercise one of Our greatest rights granted to Us in the Constitution, Vote. I don’t care what your opinions are on the two man-child candidates that we have been dealt with the choice of running our country, just vote. If you can’t morally bring yourself to vote for either one, I understand. But instead of doing nothing, go write someone in that you do believe in, just vote. If we don’t use this power something or someone will fill that power gap. There are two independent candidates with mainstream platforms, such as, Libertarian and the Green Party: Jo Jorgenson(Libertarian) and Howie Hawkins(Green Party) neither of which have never held public office. In 96′, Jo was the VP for the Libertarian party that only received 0.5% of the popular vote. Meanwhile, Howie Hawkins has been a life-long “organizer” of labor unions and activist movements, and has failed running for Governor of New York with backing from Socialist party of New York since 2010, whilst attaching himself to the Green Party’s coattail for his nomination. These are hardly worthy figures to lead our nation. Being a patriot and a proud American is something we should all take to heart to wield the fainting power of our voices.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing.” ~ Edmund Burke

If this quote doesn’t stir you around as you try to fall asleep at night, I’m not sure what else can be said to waking everyone up to Our reality. We’ve lost control. Of course, when Mr. Burke wrote this it was near the end of 18th century and women’s rights hadn’t taken on their full form, so now I would revise it to say “good men and women…”. Outside of that these words hit the head on the nail. In 2016, nearly 60% of the eligible voters voted, which by the count of around 138 million people was 7 million more than in 2012. This was a record high for overall voter turnout beating the previously set record in 2008 that kicked off the Obama administration. There should be even more records broken this time around. I’d estimate this cycle’s turnout to be upwards of 80%, shattering past records simply because for the majority of the year We the People have been cooped up, restricted and had Our rights tampered and trampled; displeasure and frustration with the elected officials has reached a breaking point. I don’t know what we’ll have on our hands if we aren’t austerely approaching this election with the utmost importance for the future and well-being of our coming generations and the ones that follow them.

Some people would argue that neither candidate deserves to endure the honor of serving Us in the oval office. And to those people I would say to support the new #Unity2020 movement started by former Evergreen professor, Bret Weinstein, who presented this idea on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast a week ago and then on the biggest show, ratings wise, on television, Fox New’s Tucker Carlson’s show. The #Unity 2020 movement is pushing for a ticket that is drafted by the people electing two candidates: one from the center-right position, and one from the center-left position. Basically one will hold power of the presidency for four years and the other will hold the office of the Vice President, they will work side by side and hand and hand for the normal term length. If they have satisfied Us the American public they will run again, but swap their positions they hold and be able to serve the next term. After that we will move onto the next team of patriots. So if you don’t think anything will change then open your eyes these ideas are being cultivated and formed for actual hopeful implementation. Don’t think you are options this time around will come to picking a side, be courageous do the necessary research to inform and educate yourself for when it comes time choose the fate and Future of Our great nation come this November.

Have a happy 4th of July, celebrating the birth of Our great nation.

Visit this site to register and then do your civic duty and VOTE.

Visit this site to learn more about #Unity 2020:

Or follow @Bretweinstein on Twitter and YouTube

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