In times of social distancing and being away from our friends and family, we think introducing ourselves to the great world of games is a big step in connecting ourselves despite how far we are in distance. Especially with the Steam summer sale going on, I have some of my own recommendations for games you should pick up as well! Though be quick, you only have about two days left since this was published to pick up some fantastic deals!

Bloons Tower Defense 6

Bloons Tower Defense 6 is currently only a dollar at 90% off! This is a great game to play with up to 4 people, featuring new heroes to keep the balloons out! I’ve had a blast playing this game alongside my friends, being easy to learn and enjoyable to play.

Human Fall Flat

Flipping and Flopping. Human Fall Flat is rocking! This game is hilarious to both play and watch alongside your family. It comes with a lot of cool levels and funny characters to play as. Try it yourself or with other people in this wacky platformer.

A Short Hike

How about A Short Hike, a unique singleplayer experience. With COVID keeping us indoors all day, this game gives you a fun, breathtaking experience. Come along for a walk; maybe this hike won’t be as short as you think it is.

Don’t Starve Together

Although Don’t Starve Together might be more on the difficult side, but maybe that’s what you and your friends are looking for. It is a survival game where you try to survive the harsh, unforgiving world. With many enemies hunting you down, the dark always lurking, and your sanity constantly dropping, you need to find the best way to not starve.

Jackbox TV

Last but not least, Jackbox has been a fantastic collection of games typically seen on Twitch streams but can be played with family and friends. There are many party packs available with different kinds of games, so try to find ones that the whole gang can enjoy. You’ll find games where you make wacky t-shirts or test how well you know your loved ones. There’s plenty of different packs for everyone.

That’s 5 games I’d recommend to pick up on the Steam Summer Sale, try to be quick as it ends soon! I believe games are a great way to relieve stress, and we don’t only have to play while we’re stuck indoors too. Even after quarantine is over, maybe you might find yourself and your family playing games as a way to bond and have fun. Maybe you find love for single-player indie games to pass the time. This list introduces a wide variety of genres for games. So we hope you’ll find some time to relax and have fun when things get tough.

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