It’s Leading Your Brain Astray

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Alot of times, social media can be like junk food. You know it’s bad for you, but you still continue to consume it because it tastes good; It gives us that instant gratification. Unfortunately, just like our parents used to say when we were younger. “Don’t watch too much T.V kids, it’ll rot your brain” This should be taken into consideration for the World Wide Web as well. Everyone, especially, children are so reliant on their phones. They are more than likely not learning even the basic fundamentals that are taught to children during their adolescent years.(for those parents who say they’re kids are HoMeSChoOled) Or at least, may not be learning anything new that can be beneficial to them in the future. If you don’t monitor what they’re doing online and how much time they’re spending on the internet.

It’s A Dark Hole Of Deception

Growing up, I wasn’t allowed to go online much, have a phone, or have friends sleep-over. For the longest time, I resented my mother for this (only because for years she would complain about me not having friends and be NoRmaL like the other girls my age) Although, as you get older, of course you learn to mature, grow up, and learn more about the world. Well, let’s just say the side that was shown was not pleasant. I’ve heard way too many stories about roommates/neighbors and best friends killing each other. Not to mention, a enormous amount of cases of people being set up over petty reasons. Now, you may ask. What does this have to do with the internet. Well, these people used mainly one tool to find where these people live or what areas they spend the most time at. On the other hand, I learned to stay to myself and my mother has simmered down about me meeting new people and etc… This applies to the internet, especially the dark web. Everything you know on the web is a lie – which is even worse now that everyone is in quarantine. It will definitely become more difficult to separate illusions from reality. The internet is, as you know a powerful tool if it were used for the right reasons. 

You Miss Out On Spending Time With Your Family & Other Events

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I don’t know about you, but I’m guilty first hand of staying on my laptop until 5pm without getting up; not even to use the bathroom. Alot of times, I don’t mean to do this intentionally. I just get caught up with work and making sure everything gets done within a timely manner. You may be able to relate. Or are guilty of not remembering to take a break and take care of yourself first. Some major cons of working in the administrative/technology field are losing yourself, becoming a slave to the money, and making sure everyone else is okay, but you. The person doing all the heavy lifting. If you can, please remember to take a break, walk around, and eat; because nothing is more important than your health.

It’s Messing With Your Mental Health

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Being online all the time can have a horrible effect on your mental health. Like I was saying earlier, there’s usually only one side that people like to present online. I like to think of this as not telling the whole truth, because when you really think about it. You don’t know what that person did or had to go through to get [fill in the blank.] Whether that be a job, a relationship, or a new car, house, etc etc… Unfortunately, at times it can be hard not to compare ourselves to others. I, have done this quite a few times – not to be rude, but because I knew this particular person was stealing things; stealing people’s clothing style, mannerisms, and even quotes off other people’s Instagram feed. (Yes, people do stuff like this) Eventually, I learned to let it go because if you have to all that to get your point across or to try to get people to like you. It’s not worth it; trying to impress people you may not know personally or may not be there for you in a time of need.  

Some other negative impacts caused by social media constantly wanting likes (and maybe attention/validation?) This can definitely make you depressed and have a major impact on your self-esteem if you let others base your worth off of likes and reposts. Social media is unpredictable and unstable. Someone you know or even you, yourself may post something that the general public doesn’t like or doesn’t agree with. *Poof* just like that, everything that you’ve built is in shambles and you have to start all over; if you can recover. It’s a invitation for disaster; opening a door for people not to see the bigger picture, judge you, and talk about you in a bad manner.

It Makes You Lose Sleep

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   I’ll go sleep after I do this or I’ll go to sleep after I watch one more video” On the average, I usually only get 5 hours of sleep due to the fact I have to get up pretty early in the morning, and I like to get a head start. The pressure of meeting deadlines and being at the top of your game is a heavy burden to carry. Social media is a great tool for inspiration if you’re stuck with writers block. Nonetheless, eventually you get sucked into the black hole of endless retweets, tabs that you didn’t close out from your last session, and hearts from tik-tok and Instagram. Staying up to check your email and getting notifications from messenger are a hindrance to your beauty sleep and will have you not going to sleep at all or half awake. A healthier option is to start taking into consideration what we’re consuming on social media and try to cut back or even take breaks to help you get a peace of mind. 

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