Is Tucker Carlson’s attempt to smear Sen. Tammy Duckworth justifiable? Is Tucker right to criticize someone who has devoted everything to her country? Not to say, her two legs? The highest-rated host, Tucker Carlson, again, tried to defame a double amputee US Army veteran, Sen.Duckworth, that she despise and dislike America.

Tucker claimed Tammy Duckworth actually “hate” America. It unreasonable to say that. Duckworth lost her two legs during the Iraq war where she was co-piloting and an RPG hit the helicopter. Unrelently, Duckworth went on to serve during the Obama administration as the assistant secretary of the Veterans Affairs Department. She later became the first female double-amputee to serve in the chamber. Now, that what is called an undying patriotism.

Tucker (left) Duckworth (right)

Carlson who has never served in the armed forces. He hasn’t lost his arm or leg. He sits comfortably at home broadcasting his criticism at Duckworth who goes the capitol every day, risking her life to the pandemic. Carlson has the audacity to call Senator Duckworth a ‘moron‘ and a ‘coward’ whereas he is the typical moron.

Tucker has not served the country in any way. In fact, he has totally achieved the opposite. He is a pro-white supremacy who attacks a war hero, purple heart recipient, double amputee, Sen. Tammy Duckworth, the real American patriot.

Sen.Duckworth clearly has balls than him(Carlson)!

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