EMPOWERMENT, AN INSIDE JOB: First in the Empowerment Series

If you watch closely enough, you will see the entire society is programmed to be afraid of everyone and everything. You see it in mass media every single day and you hear it at the dinner table. Fear is in advertising and behind decisions people make about you. When occupied with your fears, regardless of how they play out, you are letting someone or something control and manipulate you. Taking back your power is an inside job. You might protest, or make a good argument. Some might be convinced, but this won’t really satisfy you. You have to make the change yourself. But only from the inside. The inside is your inner world of thoughts and beliefs, feelings and images. This is your invisible, subjective reality. Okay, don’t take my word for it. Test out everything I am saying for yourself as a scientific project. I’m telling you my findings after my own experiments with thought.

To understand how empowerment is an inside job, start by giving attention to the thoughts you think. You generate feelings with each thought. For instance, when you find out someone you met with recently has a contagious disease, you might wonder or worry if you are going to catch it. With this thought, you generate the emotion of fear. You see images in the mind’s eye of at least being inconvenienced. At worst, it is the fear of dying, like with covid-19. You do not have to accept this as something that will happen to you. It is merely a theory. What can you do?

If you feel the fear, pause and look at that emotion objectively. Remind yourself, saying, “I’m changing my mind.” What thought will you use? Scientific studies beginning in year 2000 tell us the human body comes equipped with everything it needs for healing itself. The suggestion is that you have a  wonderfully magnificent self-healing body. Toy with this thought and notice the feelings you are generating. How does this thought feel? Does this thought feel different when you compare it with the thought of catching something? Are you feeling the difference?

If you feel the difference in the feelings you feel when changing from one thought to the next, you are taking back your power. It is your empowerment forming from the inside, and you can empower yourself in any topic. You have but to be consistent in changing to thinking good feeling thoughts. Making this your habit results in automatically seeing and feeling changes in your body. Notice the good feeling energy you feel in the body when you are thinking thoughts that feel good for the pleasure and fun of thinking and feeling. This is evidence of your empowerment.

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A lifelong learner with a multidisciplinary doctoral degree in Family Systems, I leveraged the disciplines of Family Therapy, Adult Development, and Adult Learning to enrich a social work career I entered with the earned bachelors in Psychology. I am a student of life. Having designed the curricula for self-directed learning, I attained a strong knowledge base in chemical dependency counselor training and theology. From the year 2014, I am increasingly passionate about quantum communication, epigenetics, neuroscience, neuroplasticity, and mysticism. I am subsequently developing eclectic proficiency in the new sciences.
Knowing the human transformational process evolves, I realize my advancement includes developing expertise in brain-based learning and teaching. This quality impacts my plain- language writing skills for translating complex concepts into generic terms. After learning that a fifteenth-century thinker set the division between science and philosophy, resulting in the dismissal of the human consciousness, its purpose, and use from the sciences, I began to identify myself as the philosopher and scientist of my life and my world.
I learned about the impact of “thought” on health, relationships, and finances. I started testing my faculties to see if I could discern the differences. Like magic, I got astounding and exciting results. Because of my findings, I wanted to share the knowledge of this capacity with everyone. My reach, because of the internet, is global. Learners using the Imagination Education platform have proved to themselves their ever-expanding brilliance.
My drive is to take the teachings of mysticism out of the occult. For this reason, I focus on everything-consciousness, specializing in the structure and function of the mind. Through my scientific approaches, I find again and again that we can transcend our limitations and fears to restore our natural sense of empowerment. This practice means taking back the power that we always had, but forgot.
Upon learning the impact of thought on health and relationships, I started testing specific scientific concepts, applying a wide variety of procedures. I integrate the four properties of consciousness, thought and belief, and imagination and feeling, to make the changes I want to see in my body, relationships, finances, and the world.
Most significantly, in my experimentation, I found the thought of fear is unnecessary. I found the need to seek the approval of others is no longer the way to attain our desires. That no one can take anything from us or deprive us of anything resulted in a profound awakening. How is this such a marvelous thing? Each of us has within us the most powerful tool that exists, the wonderful human imagination. Using the human imagination as a tool, we can change anything. We make everything that exists in the world around us with this instrument.
We are imagination and consciousness!
I write in conversational style to explain how we are connected to one another in an infinite field of consciousness, emphasizing how to maintain brain-body coherence. Upon learning the impact of thought on health and relationships, I started testing specific scientific concepts through which we could as individuals expand human consciousness. The idea is to transcend our limitations and fears in order to restore our natural sense of empowerment – take back our power. My results show we no longer have to let others dominate or enslave us, or deprive us of anything. We have the power of thought and belief, imagination and feeling to change anything. We usually dismiss these four qualities of empowerment because we are most often captivated by the visible world around us. I am in my writing emphasizing the power of living simultaneously in the two worlds consciously, with the understanding that it is through the inner, invisible world that we form our outer, visible world. Everything starts in Imagination.

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