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the selection by Lauren Oliver

So we all know how quarantine can get boring and and there’s not much you can really do. even as a person who doesn’t normally read I’ve managed to get into Books over the past few months, so you can know that these books are really interesting since I cannot read a book that is not interesting. The selection by Kiera cas, the selection is a book about a dystopian place where a girl has two possible love interests. I don’t wanna say too much because I don’t want to spoil it, the book is so detailed that you could see the images. The pain and the joy makes this book captivating.

Delirium, Lauren Oliver, book that takes place in a dystopian setting where love is illegal and is a disease and there is a mandatory cure. the book shows a girls journey through discovering love in a place where it is not acceptable. this book really shows the importance of love

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