Wednesday was National Video Game Day! How Did Everyone Celebrate?

With the recent release of “Breath of the Wild,” I’m surprised Zelda was only voted in at #6!

With everyone stuck at home to help protect themselves and others, there’s no better time to celebrate National Video Game Day. All around the country, people took to their consoles and recollected old memories about gaming and their favorite franchises.

A survey lead by Portland PR Firm gathered results from 1000 Americans about some of their favorite names in gaming.

What’s the best gaming console?

#1: Playstation (38%)
#2: Xbox (38%)
#3: Nintendo (21%)

What’s the best video game franchise?

#1: Super Mario (47%)
#2: Call of Duty (21%)
#3: Donkey Kong (19%)
#4: Grand Theft Auto (19%)
#5: Pokemon (16%)
#6: Zelda (13%)
#7: Sonic the Hedgehog (13%)
#8: Final Fantasy (9%)
#9: Halo (9%)
#10: Crash Bandicoot (7%)

A lot of other gamers took to Twitter and shared how gaming has made their lives better.

Regardless of whether we’re casual or professional gamers, we have a lot to be grateful for! Let us know in the comments what some of your favorite games are.

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