Beautiful Villains: Alien

Bolaji Badejo, The Actor Behind Alien

Played by Bolaji Badejo in “Alien” – 1979.

It is extremely repugnant, stubborn, evil, and insatiable. It doesn’t care if its victim is a man or a woman. It just wants to kill to preserve its species and won’t stop at anything to reach its goal. Its victims suffer tremendously since their dying bodies are used to grow the creature’s offspring.

Surrogate Parents

It also gets into the bodies of its victims when they are alive and uses them to grow until it is ready to come out through a terrible birth. That’s how Alien’s first victim, Second officer Kane will die. It happens during dinnertime when all the crew is eating in the kitchen of Starfreighter Nostromo. At some point, shortly after they start eating, the creature moves inside Kane and comes out through his abdomen, leaving the members of the crew terrified.

Nostromo’s crew

It is interesting to mention that the horror we see in the face of the actors during that scene was real. They knew what the scene they were filming entitled, but they did not have any idea of how it was going to be carried out.

After the creature comes out, it looks at the crew and runs away. They are too startled and petrified to do anything. Strangely, Ash, the science officer, doesn’t let anybody touch the monster and allows it to leave.

Unknown Location

It might be hidden anywhere on the ship. It is swift, agile, and precise in the execution of its killings. It attacks its victims from above, from below, from anywhere. If the crew members get distracted, they will certainly die.

Sigourney Weaver played Ripley in “Alien”

Alien will kill them one by one. It is more intelligent than they ever thought it was. It has animal instincts and human intelligence. Only Lieutenant Ripley, the last survivor, will kill it at the end of the film after they leave the Nostromo before it explodes, using the escape pod.

Ripley will throw the monster to the outer space by opening the main hatch of the pod and using the pressure change as a propellant. She will protect herself by wearing a spacesuit and getting into a sealed compartment.

Ripley and Alien’s final confrontation

Alien will die, but its race will continue to be on planet LV-426, waiting for other hosts to get near the eggs, so they can infect them and start the cycle again.

Stars Conjunction

Some movies, books, and comics have the ability to become myths and originate mythologies. Once released, they seem to have their own power over culture: they influence it with its originality and their ability to wonder. It happened with Star Wars (1977), and with Frank Herbert’s Dune.

“Alien” was born at the fortuitous conjunction of those two gigantic sagas: without the success of Star Wars, 20th Century Fox would never have accepted a new space movie. Without the disintegration of the Dune adaptation, a creative team would have never put together with designer H. R. Giger, writer Dan O’Bannon, and director Ridley Scott.

The Real Alien

The film that made Sigourney Weaver stand out in her unforgettable role as Lieutenant Ripley also featured a not very well known actor, not even by some of the most staunch fans. It was the actor who played the terrible space beast: Bolaji Badejo.  

He was in charge of donning the costume of the creature. The young Nigerian was studying graphic design in London and was spotted in a bar by Peter Archer, one of Ridley Scott’s aides.

Badejo had the physique: he was 2.18 meters tall and was extremely thin, so he fulfilled the requirements that were needed to give life to the character of Alien.

Badejo in suit taking a rest while filming “Alien”

Bolaji Badejo attended acting classes and producers almost didn’t let him have contact with the other actors to make his role more real. Badejo’s stint as an actor began and ended with “Alien”.

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