DeVos and Trump create an atmosphere of fear over reopening of schools during pandemic

Betsy DeVos has no clue what she’s doing.

Either that, or she’s evil.

Maybe both. Probably both.

DeVos, who has no apparent qualifications for her job, demonstrated that with precision over the weekend in an interview with CNN. Watch the interview here.

DeVos, who is “qualified” for her job in the Trump Mafia by virtue of her huge financial contributions to Trump’s 2016 campaign, agrees with her boss that American schools should re-open in a few weeks.

Trump pushed the reopening of the economy, and we see how that’s worked out. We’re at 134,000 dead from COVID-19, give or take a few. But what’s a few grandmas and grandpas to Trump? What they spend at Wal-Mart, apparently.

Obviously, Trump isn’t responsible for all of these deaths, and all of these upticks in the rates of infection and subsequent deaths, but one would be too many.

So now, Trump and DeVos insist schools should reopen. They don’t have a plan for this, of course, because that’s somebody else’s job. What they are doing is dereliction of duty at the highest possible level.

Watch DeVos in the clip above. She doubletalks and passes the buck to local school officials, but she and her master are threatening to withhold federal aid to schools that don’t reopen.

I’m not sure they can actually do that, but the threat alone creates an atmosphere of fear. Open, the choice is, and let kids infect other kids and take the virus home to Grandma. Maybe kill her, maybe not. Don’t open, and lose federal funding.

Maybe I’m missing something important here. I would like to think I am. But I don’t think so. The Center for Disease Control has warned that reopening K-12 schools and universities would carry the “highest risk.”

That’s pretty damned straightforward. And pretty frightening all on its own without adding threats and politicizing an issue that may well come down to life and death.

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