Coronavirus Shut Down – California rolls back to closing bars, movie theaters, and restaurants amid a peak in coronavirus cases.

This Monday, Governor Gavin Newsom ordered indoor restaurants, bars, and movie theaters to close their doors after coronavirus cases have soared statewide.

This order also affects other kinds of businesses such as offices, gyms, beauty parlors, malls, barbershops, churches and other worship outlets, and personal care places

Other types of places that have to close their doors are wine testing centers, parks, zoos, and museums.

Businesses will be allowed to work only if they can have an outdoor operation.

Covid-19 cases have had exponential growth, being now over 8000 positive cases. This situation has obliged officials to take these measures that, they expect, will help reduce the infection rate among Californians.

Officials expressed their belief that the recommended norms, that is, repeated hand washing, use of face masks, and social distancing, are not followed by the majority of people.

 A worrying aspect of this situation is that hospitals are reporting a surge in the number of patients and may run out of beds equipped with ventilators. Such beds are crucial when treating Covid-19 patients that present acute respiratory problems.

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