Hearthstone’s New Expansion, Scholomance Academy

Blizzard has just shown us it’s newest expansion, Scholomance Academy. This is based on the whimsical magical school that teaches us the wonders of spells. Before we begin, you can find all the card information right here on the official website.

Let’s go over the core mechanics this new expansion brings!
Dual Class: This expansion brings us dual class cards. Put simply, cards that two classes will have access to! For example, Wand Thief is a card that can be used by Rogue and Mage, merging their two identities together of spell discovery and combos! Last time we say a mechanic like this was the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan expansion, which had trio class cards!

Keyword – Spellburst: We get a new keyword which is Spellburst. This keyword activates one time after you cast a spell, and that is it. It’s an interesting way of combining both spells and minions, being the complete opposite of what Mage got last expansion, which was spell based decks. It seems like with the right effects, the power level of this keyword can be insanely strong.

Studies – Cost Reducing Discover Cards: Alright, this isn’t entirely a new mechanic. We’ve seen previous cards like this with Shaman, specifically Haunting Visions. If you don’t know what it is, it’s a 3 mana spell, “The next spell you cast this turn costs 3 less. Discover a spell.” Studies seems like a very similar mechanic, and it seems really risky to print. We’ve seen previously with discover spells that are capable of discovering itself can be quite annoying. With a class like Druid that already uses Exotic Mountseller, imagine summoning a full board with 2 cards!

Since I don’t want to take up too much space, I’m going to review over some of the cards that have been released so far. Not all of them. I’ll be giving ratings based on what I think it’s power level will be, and it’s overall design and flavor.

Transfer Student
Power Level: ???

Alright bad first example. This is just a really questionable card. It’s epic so it doesn’t confuse new players, but even then it’s vague. It doesn’t really tell you what it does, and it’s wildly inconsistent. Apparently there’s 25 different boards, making it difficult to build around. Unless, each board effect is equally as strong, but I doubt it’s possible, making this card either really good or really bad.

Devolving Missles
Power Level: 7/10

It’s an interesting take on an old card, Devolve, and it’s dual-class too! This card is far better at dealing with a single big minion on the board, but much weaker against wide mid-range boards. It’s not entirely broken but it’ll most certainly see some testing in some decks. I imagine this will be played in Highlander Mage, giving a strong 1 mana card to stall while they try to get Reno or Alexstraza. Design wise, this is AMAZING. It is really flavorful and I hope it has an awesome animation. One of my favourite cards design wise in all of Hearthstone.

Shan’do Wildclaw
Power Level: 6/10

TRUTH IS FOUND IN D- Oh wrong card? Sorry. Okay, it’s definitely not in the power levels of Keleseth. I think this card coming out one turn later and specifically buffing only beasts makes it significantly weaker, but I’m pretty sure this will see some testing. Unlike Keleseth, if you miss hitting this card early, you can combo it with something like Dino Tamer Brann to get insane burst damage, or just transforming it into a buffed beast can make it a strong 3 mana card that isn’t a dead draw late game.

I hope you’re excited for the new Hearthstone expansion. Check out the newest trailer for the expansion. There’s nothing too crazily new about this expansion, but it seems like it’s still going to be a bundle of fun!

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