Myspace: Bring Back The Old Social Media King

After Myspace was sold to News Corp for $580 million in 2005, its CEO, Tom Anderson left 2009. A lot of mystery conclusions and questions have surged since then asking what had happened to the old Socia media King, MySpace.

Tom Anderson

When MySpace was still running, it was the biggest social networking site in the world. MySpace had everyone coding HTML, CSS & JavaScript. We all took it as fun. We couldn’t resist going on our MySpace page using those ‘blingee’ on our pictures.

Checking back now, it so surprising the way people hurried off from MySpace to Facebook. Like we had Zuckerberg offered us thousands of dollars to Facebook.

MySpace really taught everyone how to code and then everyone stops out of nowhere. It will be really nice if we can have MySpace back. The World will be a better place if we can have it back. Enough with breaching of Users’ privacy, lobby against privacy legislations.

See people’s reactions on MySpace as it trends.

A pure heaven MySpace had been and will be.

Bring back Old Social, Media King: MySpace!

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