By: Corey Lack

white night

The ninth book of the Dresden Files, White Night, focuses more on the ongoing war between the White Council and the Red Court, but rather than what is occurring between the two factions and their allies, the book focuses on the effects the war has on other groups, specifically those in the magical community that aren’t parts of either side.


Harry is charged with finding the truth behind the deaths of a number of minor-level magic users that appear to be suicides. As tends to be his luck, Harry quickly finds that the case isn’t nearly as simple as it appears to be. He finds that a new family of the White Court has involved themselves, not to mention a couple old enemies make their reappearance.  Finally, near the end, one of Harry’s sometimes allies/sometimes enemies gains a power boost, making said character much more dangerous.


This story is very interesting as it expands on the White Court, giving some of them different abilities beyond those we’ve seen so far with Thomas and Lara. Another good aspect about this story is that it shows that things outside of the war are still progressing, even without the interaction of either the White Council or the Red Court. It’s also a good story as it develops one of the most dangerous, albeit not magically, characters in the story. It also reminds the reader that even the characters that have worked with Harry aren’t always trustworthy. Finally, it reminds the readers not to forget about the antagonists that managed to survive their interactions with Harry.


The story, like all of the others, is definitely one to read. All of the things that make the previous books great, namely the drama, the suspense, and the comedic parts, are all still present.

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