Brooklyn peaceful protest turns into a marred heat between protesters and police force on Wednesday.

It started earlier, Wednesday morning in Brooklyn as protesters took the street clamoring for an end about the massive increase in gun violence in the city.

The protesting group meets at Brooklyn Bridge, where the heat had gradually build up. Protesters entailed a diverse group including the black lives matter group, who gathered to protest against violence, racial justice, and police reforms.

Currently, three NYPD officers have sustained serious injuries. Over a dozen protesters have been arrested.

The leader of the protest group, Bishop Gerald Seabrooks said they are trying to overcome fight against violence and also overcome division and polarization in the community.

“Let’s stop the violence. The people who are getting hurt right now while people are coming against the police officers is the African-American community,” Seabrooks said. “We are fed up and tired of seeing a 1-year-old shot, a 12-year-old paralyzed. No, we need the police. What we’re saying is we don’t want police brutality.”

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