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Looking at Amy Roiland’s Instagram feed is my daily dose of pure eye candy- her use of color, her quirky style, her adorable daughter...

Looking at Amy Roiland’s Instagram feed is my daily dose of pure eye candy- her use of color, her quirky style, her adorable daughter (born at the beginning of 2020). Amy says she is a fashion nerd (her blog is because she nerds out and obsesses over fashion. Her carefully curated photos are brought to life by Amy’s keen eye and love for photos that are works of art. I’m sure her 138,000 followers would agree. Being a former model and a photographer doesn’t hurt either.

Amy has an impressive bio including modeling, photography (she takes a lot of her own photos), blogging, and designer. And add entrepreneur to the list. She was on Shark Tank with a great fashion blogger app in 2016. Her list of brand collaborations is quite impressive and includes Modcloth, Betsey Johnson, Benefit cosmetics,  Free People, Forever 21 and many more. 

Amy was kind enough to answer a few questions for me in a short interview.

Amy Roiland and daughter Ryder Birdie
Amy with daughter Ryder Bird

First, let me congratulate you on the birth of your adorable daughter, Ryder Birdie in the end of January. How fun, or difficult, has it been taking shoots with her?

Thank you! Easier for sure as she gets older. Now I can sit her up in her seat and make her laugh and get the best pics ever. She is so much fun now at 5 months. Before I would have to just lay her down and shoot her from above. She is just so cute. 

Influencer Amy Roiland fashion nerd
Amy in pastel rainbows

Your style is so unique and refreshing, how would you describe it?

A mixture between the 60s and modern with a splash of color always. I love color and if you look in my closet I do not own anything black. I love wearing bright fun colors and especially pastels lately. My style is very eclectic for sure. 

Amy Roiland waking with daughter Ryder Bird
Amy out for a stroll with baby

How has COVID-19 and being quarantined affected your life and career?

It’s affected me in different ways. I would have been staying home anyway with Ryder and it has been nice that my husband can work from home so we both get extended maternity leave basically. Work has been the same and coming in slowly but still coming in thankfully. I don’t mind it being so slow because I am so busy with the baby. For my life I have been sad because my best friend in the whole world has not been able to come see my baby. I also have not been able to see friends or family and Ryder is growing so fast. This makes me very sad. I was excited when she turned 4 months because we were ready to go out and about, but with COVID-19 we have not been able to at all. Just stuck at home. I make tons of TikToks all day long, that keeps me busy and happy. 

A few of Amy’s many colorful shots – check out her color block shoes.

How do you execute such incredible shots? I personally never think to coordinate with the landscape, but your looks are amazing.

I am always on the lookout for really fun spots even if it’s just in my neighborhood. I incorporate my looks with the locations and sometimes I just do not even think about it and they turn out so good. I shoot almost all of my own content too. As of lately I am shooting more at home in my outdoor studio. I never want to rely on anyone for content so I try to do it myself always. Even if it’s just me handing off my camera to a friend or family member. 

Amy modeling the camera/ purse straps she designed.

I know you have designed some accessories including handbags, eyewear, and shoes. What else is in the works?

I am designing a shoe line right now with a well known shoe designer and I have a mini backpack line launching very soon with matching face masks with the brand House Of Want. I also am starting my own eyewear line finally. I did eyewear before but it was for Betty and Veronica, we sold out 4 times and just never restocked after that. I love designing very much. I dream of designing a really cute newborn clothing line. 

And I have no doubt that she can do that. Now go check out Amy’s Instagram. It’s sure to put a smile on your face.

All photos courtesy of Amy Roiland

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