Employees of Ford Motor Company Beseech CEO to Reconsider Making Police Cars

At least 100 employees of Ford Motor Company wrote a letter to CEO Jim Hackett, asking him to reconsider making police cars.  The employees cite that by making these cars, they are condoning police brutality, and things need to change. 

 Ford is the leader in making police cars. In fact, they have sold 30,000 police interceptor vehicles annually for the last few years.  This is far more than any other car manufacturer, and this part of Ford Motor Company is certainly relied on by police forces all over the country for custom made vehicles. 

 Mr Hackett states that the automakers oppose police misconduct and feels it can support the Black LIves Matter movement, while still selling police cars.  The employees, of all ethnic and races, as reported on Jalopnik state  “Throughout our history, the vehicles that Ford employees design and build have been used as accessories to police brutality and oppression.” Mr Hackett has stated that Ford making advanced  police cars will help hold the accountability of police actions. 

This is a difficult time for corporations. Some have had to lay off workers, and close factories temporarily due to the pandemic.  The economic impacts still remain to be seen, but are undoubtedly complex. These corporations are now having to  look deeply into their policies and understand how what they make is looked upon . There has been a deep shift in how people view and think regarding  the racial disparities, police brutality and violence that has come since the death of George Floyd.  So how could stopping to make police cars help fight the violence from this group? 

It has been that a very small percentage of the total police force has violence and brutality, and people of all races are sometimes violated.   Should we stop making furniture for the courtroom, as some lawyers or judges are corrupt, or stop funding hospitals, or needed equipment because one nurse or doctor out of millions had criminal negligence or harmed someone?  These are questions that beg answers. 

As police are facing defunding, the question arises if they will have the money to continue to purchase these vehicles.  It may be a mute point soon, with major cities slashing police budgets.  Perhaps in this fray, the best idea is to reduce the amount of cars made,  as a necessity, and to show the employees and the country that what they say and think matters. TIme will tell if Ford will acquiesce to the employee demands, or continue to move forward supporting police departments.  Is it either or, or can the two meet in the middle and have some compromise?  Ford needs to do what is best for the viability of their organization, for themselves, but also for the employees who rely on them for livelihood.

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