By: Corey Lack

small favor

The tenth book, Small Favor, takes place about one year after the previous story. The plot features Harry Dresden being ordered by Queen Mab of the Winter Court of the Fae to fulfill one of his remaining favors to her. The favor was seemingly just a little one, but anyone that is familiar with this series, the story of Queen Mab, experience, or even movies like the Commuter will know that when anyone wants what looks like a small favor, it almost never is. This turns out to be the case with this story as it goes with Harry’s luck most times, it turns out the so-called small favor is anything but. The favor involves Harry protecting his on-and-off-again ally, Johnny Marcone, the so-called Baron of Chicago, only to find himself facing the Denarians yet again as they attempt to succeed in yet another plot.


The story is certainly unique among the rest of the stories as it is one of the few that have so many different factions going against Harry and his allies at once. Another interesting thing about this story is the introduction of a unique group of Fae that have been sent after Harry: the Gruff, as in Billy Goats Gruff, though they’re not nearly as cuddly as the folklore story makes them sound.


The ending of the story is definitely shocking as two major characters go through very significant changes. Michael, Harry’s longtime friend and Knight of the Cross, goes through a very significant event that leaves him unable to continue his Holy Duty as a Knight. Murphy also goes through an event that shows her strong desire to protect everyone around her makes her qualified for a job outside of the police force. Finally, this story is also interesting because it starts to show that Harry has the attention of even more of the most powerful supernatural beings as it hints that someone connected with the church is interested in him and his actions.


The story is definitely interesting and will keep the reader on the edge of their seat as they follow along with Harry’s adventure. It is definitely one to check out, so do yourself a small favor and do it!

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