Meghan Markle, Michelle Obama, and Hillary Clinton United in “Girl Up Leadership Summit” To Send a Message

In her fight to achieve a better world, a task that she develops with her husband, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle participated this Tuesday in the Girl Up Leadership Summit, a feminist meeting in which other women like Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama. This event focused on young women encouraged to speak out for their rights.

Markle attended the event to demand the recognition of women who fight day after day to achieve an egalitarian society, as well as to motivate new generations not to give up in their fight to be heard and cared for in the professional field.

“I want to share something with all of you: in places where power is exercised, where legislators, executives and world leaders work, they depend on you more than you depend on them. And they know it,” said Markle.

Michelle Obama

Markle noted that youth is becoming increasingly aware of the fight for social rights: “We need you to push hard in a more inclusive and empathetic direction. You cannot settle for defining the debate: you have to be in charge of it. You have to push for people to talk about issues like racial justice, gender, climate change, mental health, well-being and civic engagement … “.

In this area, the duchess focused on the need to achieve equality between men and women since “believing in women is not enough.” She added: “We have to work for it every day, even when it is difficult and when others feel uncomfortable. We have to speak for ourselves and we have to raise our voices for those who fight to be heard.”

Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton

Markle explained that she has not always been heard, so she has had to fight to be taken seriously, since women always suffer the consequences of staying on a lower echelon in front of men. “It is possible that you do not perceive the change we are generating now, but when you look back, I promise that you will realize that everything we are doing now is having results,” she said.

“Right now we are building better communities and a better world for us, step by step. But the good thing is that the pace of these steps is faster and faster. And when we look at the whole, we can see how far we have progressed,” said Markle. .

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