Turn Coat – a review


By Corey Lack

turn coat

Turn Coat, the eleventh book in the Dresden Files series, focuses on a different side of the war between the Red Court and the White Council. He finds out that there is another force that has a vested interest in the war and seeks to manipulate the war and the forces involved in order to achieve their own schemes.


The plot of the story is focused on Dresden’s longest frenemy, Warden Morgan, being accused of murdering a high-ranking member of the White Council. Considering the war going on, the murder is given everyone’s full attention and results in Morgan being hunted by multiple different groups, not least of which including his former allies in the White Council and the Wardens. You get ten guesses who he goes to for help and the first nine don’t count. So, now, Harry has to help the man who, on multiple occasions, harassed him and insulted him in the hopes of seeing our hero break one of the laws so that Harry could be executed all the while avoiding an unstoppable shapeshifter and a number of other hunters.


The story is unique in that it doesn’t give the reader an idea of what Harry has to deal with when it comes to the enemy he is going up against. Sure, the reader learns pretty quick about the various bounty hunters, but the identity of the mastermind behind the plot isn’t even hinted at until the very end of the story, much less his abilities. It’s also one of the few stories where it can be considered either a straight up loss for Harry or a bittersweet victory as the true turn coat is exposed and Harry starts to gather allies to take on the force behind the traitor.


It’s a great story to read despite the bittersweet ending as it shows that the truly dangerous forces in the story’s world are increasing and each one has dealt with Harry on, at least, one occasion. It shows that the trouble on the horizon could be increasing with each story in the series and they’ll only get more suspenseful.

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