Everything exists for a purpose, but often that purpose is unknown. Without knowing what something is for, we miss the point, forming beliefs that adversely affect our decision making and how we frame our perceptions, flawed beliefs. We ultimately give away our power by projecting our perceptions on others, or ourselves. With a clear understanding of the purpose something serves is empowerment. So, how do we know we understand the purpose someone or something serves? We recognize their innocence. We recognize they exist only for love, because love is the only reality.

Purpose Allowing Accomplishment

When we do not know the purpose something serves, we react to it with fear and judge it as wrong. Through our reactions, we are projecting upon others or ourselves our perceptions, as we are giving meaning and purpose to others and ourselves. Yet, empowerment beyond is seeing everyone and everything is neutral. Whether thinking of ourselves or our bodies, relationships with people we know well, business, government, or our credentials, concepts we experience, such as racism or humility, or simply the foods we eat, we empower ourselves when we know the purpose each is serving.

The purpose we assign to others or ourselves real and true to us shows what we believe primarily about ourselves. Because we are reacting to someone or something, the purpose shows how we are connected to one another. We are always reacting and projecting our perceptions, or responding with love and compassion in our connections to everyone and everything, depending of course on our beliefs about ourselves. We are always showing how we are connected to others with our thoughts, words, actions and images. Whether it is the mother’s connection to her child, the employee’s connection to his employer, or a patient’s connection to her physician, each is in the moment portraying beliefs they are holding about themselves. Pause to recognize it.

Again and again, I have met young women who in their pregnancies talked incessantly about why they wanted “to have a baby”. Repeatedly, they talked about having someone who would love them unconditionally. Wanting someone to love them, they were assigning purpose and meaning to the fetus growing inside them, defining a theme of expectations across the life course for their connectivity. Any little thing could “push” the mother’s buttons and she reacts readily. For instance, if the newborn doesn’t nurse, she often reacts, reading into the baby’s act as rejecting her. In desperation, she asks the pediatrician, “Why won’t he suckle? She has set the tone of fear and judgment for perceptions she will project upon her son and herself for life.

Considering the Indeed advertisement portraying a young woman expecting to be the one named for a coveted position in her company, the expression on her face shows her perception of herself, her co-worker named for the position, the boss making the announcement, and perhaps the company and its board of directors, She, in her connectivity to everyone, is reacting to the thought of having been passed over, believing it is because of her gender. A similar reaction is natural for a person of color, being passed over because of his race, or a person having served in the company for thirty or forty years, passed over because of his age.

While the Indeed commercial shows the intervention through a phone call, as the young woman goes to a new company to start a new set of connections and relationships, we have to imagine what she is doing with the fear and judgment she experienced when passed over for the job. In real life – not a commercial – the person has to make correction to restore empowerment and go beyond the situation, or the drama will play out again and again. Correction comes in knowing everyone is innocent, and everything is neutral. It takes vigilance and discipline to define the event as neutral, and to identify everyone as innocent. It takes practice day in and day out, continuing until you crowd out all thoughts that support the perception.

How often do you wonder what something is for or what its purpose is? How often do you take for granted that what you are experiencing is someone or something doing something to you? If so, you are giving away your empowerment by judging and fearing someone for what they are saying and doing, or something because of how you feel about yourself. You do not have to feel that way about yourself. You do not have to feel like a victim of circumstances, or powerless. You can make correction and restore your empowerment. Let me tell you how I make correction and take back my power. Let me show you how I transcend circumstances that come before me as I am experiencing this world.

I start by recognizing I am fearing and judging, accepting responsibility for what I am seeing and hearing, and how I am feeling about myself. I am the cause of everything I experience in my world. I realize everything happens according to my conception of myself and nothing is happening to me from the outside, although this is what I had always believed. As I am aware of my internal reality, I am finding everything is happening within, expressing itself on the world stage we call the external world. That everything is happening within my internal or subjective reality, I realize I am calling everything I am experiencing with that which is unseen, thoughts and beliefs, emotions and images I am seeing in the mind’s eye.

Clarifying my responsibility for everything I am experiencing, I am seeing the value of identifying everyone and everything as neutral. I am viewing the world and things happening in the world as neutral, changing my relationship with it and establishing how I am connected with everyone and everything. That something is neutral, I am seeing it as malleable and changeable, but changeable within my internal environment. I am changing the thoughts I am thinking and forming new beliefs about myself. I am automatically changing the feeling in the body, and the images I am producing, reacting to my changes in the mood of accomplishment.

Perhaps you are familiar with the idea that everything in the world has its beginning with thought. Everything is first imagined, and with diligence and discipline, produced according to one’s preferences. The imagining is work in the invisible world where the major tool you are working with is your wonderful human imagination. Imagining with diligence and discipline is mental rehearsal. I make the changes in my invisible world, starting with thought. I set up times for mental rehearsal, rehearsing scenes I am going to play out in my future objective experiences. The best times are early in the morning, just as I am awakening for the day, and at night, just as I am on my way to a good night’s sleep.

In my mental rehearsals, which I sometimes call my psychological drama, I am evolving my conception and attitude toward myself. How I define myself is the major factor in assigning meaning to anyone or anything, showing its purpose and how I am valuing them. Significant to how I am defining myself is the science I am following. Until a few years ago, I followed most exclusively the traditional sciences of Newtonian and Darwinian law. The traditional sciences tell us to regard only that which we measure with the physical senses and to define ourselves in relation to our bodies, the environment and time. These sciences tell us we are separate from the others and vulnerable to that which is stronger and more powerful. 

Defining myself according to my body, the environment and time, my concern is about what is happening in and to the body. I am concerned about what is going on around me, why others are doing what they are doing, and why they are saying what they are saying. Concerned about why they are treating me “like that”, I am fearing and judging someone. I am fearing and judging something I had been warned about as dangerous, feeling unsafe. I am prepared to fight, run away or hide when anxious in the presence of someone who seems threatening, I’m focused on my survival. By thought alone, I am feeling vulnerable, even succumbing to victimhood.

In this stress-producing scenario, I submit to the power others are holding over me. If it’s sickness and disease, I am submitting to it as more powerful than I am, accepting its attack on the body, because I am following traditional science. But cheer up. I no longer follow the traditional sciences of Newtonian and Darwinian law to its exclusion. A few years ago, after beginning my studies in the neurosciences, quantum mechanics and epigenetics, I have been following the new sciences, which I sometimes refer to as quantum law. In my understanding of the new sciences, I am cultivating the practice of defining myself and others in terms of consciousness.

Quantum law tells us consciousness is the one and only reality, where consciousness as energy organizes itself into physical matter. The new sciences tell us consciousness is everything known and everything possible and uses the mind and body to experience the world. They tell us we are connected to everyone and everything because everything is consciousness. We use the mind through the dual nature of consciousness to determine what we experience in this world of webs of relationships. The new sciences explain consciousness as the inner invisible world of thought and belief, feeling and images we see in the mind’s eye. We initiate action with thought and belief and respond with feeling and images.

To clarify feeling, this is our experience with the inner senses that correspond to our own physical senses of sight, sound, taste, touch and smell. Test it now. Think of sucking a lemon. Did your mouth water? If your mouth watered at the thought of sucking a lemon, you executed an experience in your inner reality by thought alone. A couple of years ago, I started testing my capacity to expand beyond the lemon experience. By thought alone, I experimented with various foods, one at a time, of course. I enjoyed many delicious meals imaginally. Because of this set of experiences, I call myself an imaginarian. This one example illustrates my empowerment. As I define myself according to quantum law, I use thought consciously as my empowerment.

I started with my favorite breakfast meal, hot pancakes with syrup, with a side of eggs and sausage, along with a cup of hot flavored coffee and orange juice. I ate the entire meal as though it was about eight o’clock in the morning. In Imagination, I am experiencing everything in the present moment. Even as I’m telling you about my first imaginarian experience, which was a little over two years ago, that I am giving it my attention now, I am experiencing it now, in this moment. I am feeling the textures of the different food items in the mouth, tasting the flavors and smelling the different aromas. Yes, I am feeling the heat sensations on my lips and in the mouth.

The next meal was a seafood dinner, shrimp, scallops and crabmeat with a salad, a glass of white wine. I later ate hamburgers with all the fixings, drank milk shakes, chewed on French fries, and ate my favorite, cookie dough ice cream with cookies, all in the comfort of my inner reality. I enjoyed steak and potatoes, with a side of spinach and garlic bread, topped off with a fruit salad. I found I could look at the image of any food item, whether in an advertisement I see as I’m surfing the internet, or on TV, and consume it imaginally. This is a fun way of exploring my empowerment, expanding beyond what is going on in my objective world. This experiment is followed by the question, “Am I digesting the foods I am eating imaginally?” Still working on it.

Chances are, anyone following Newtonian and Darwinian law exclusively would judge my imaginarian activities with a suspicious eye, likely thinking I had lost my mind. Well, you can be sure of it, I have lost my mind. I have lost the mind of Newtonian-Darwinian thinking. I am no longer relinquishing my empowerment to someone or something in the environment by defining myself and others according to Newtonian and Darwinian law. No longer giving away my power, I am not fearing and judging unwittingly, believing in my limitations and arguing for them. Interestingly, because of what I understand from the new sciences, I realize I am always using the same skills for experiencing the world through the dual nature of consciousness.

With the conscious mind, I am framing perceptions, impressing the subconscious mind to react with circumstances reflecting the perceptions I am projecting upon myself and others. The subconscious is “processing and gathering” patterns of information and energy from everything known and everything possible about the perception I am projecting. It’s as though the conscious mind is the driver and the subconscious mind is the car. Following quantum law, I am adapting my focus  to the dual nature of consciousness by framing perceptions with good feeling thoughts until I am crowding out the stress thoughts into a long past memory, where I am producing high-quality chemicals in the body consistently.

Consciously aware of making the corrections where I am no longer fearing and judging and arguing for my limitations, I am approaching everyone and everything in my innocence, cultivating the practice of seeing them in the light of innocence. Because the thought of their innocence and defining everyone and everything in the world as neutral and malleable, I am thinking with better feeling thoughts. Subsequently, they necessarily respond to how I conceive myself to be, portray only that which reflects changes in our connectivity. With good feeling thoughts, I am increasingly more effective in my brain-body communication.

I want you to understand my brain-body communication is effective when I experience that which I intend. It’s effectiveness comes as I believe the images I am seeing in the mind’s eye are real and true. All images I see in the mind’s eye come from the contents of consciousness in which everything known and everything possible exists. More, everything known and everything possible exists in the imagination. How wonderful is it to know I am framing my perceptions out of my wellspring of plenty. Quantum law tells us everything known and everything possible is in the subconscious mind. Knowing neuroscience tells us the body comes with everything it needs for healing itself and maintaining itself for hundreds of years.

Perhaps you are familiar with the long-standing volume of data that at least 50 thousand thoughts stream through the mind every day. Among these thoughts are infinite possibilities we could grasp, objectifying them into circumstances and events in the world around us. We have but to give these thoughts our attention, framing and processing them into perceptions. For example, ask, “What is my thought about a self-healing body? What is my thought about a body that lasts for hundreds of years?” Just by asking these questions, you are framing perceptions, impressing the subconscious, which always reacts with circumstances and events that bear out your beliefs and habits of thinking and feeling – your mood or attitude.  

So, how is the conscious mind processing thoughts. Neuroscience teaches the conscious mind is processing some 2000 pieces of information per second. These pieces of information are mostly about the body, the environment and time where I am fearing, judging, and projecting my projections upon someone or something, that is, until I make the corrections. Making corrections, I expand my focus beyond body, environment and time, using my freedom and empowerment to explore the infinite possibilities available to all of us. I start exploring possibilities when I name something, seeing it as it appears in the mind’s eye. In the mind’s eye it is a holographic image.

How about testing you capacity in exploring possibilities? I am going to name something that does not exist or happen in the world around us. I’m asking you to notice what appears in the mind’s eye. The first thing I want you to look for is a magenta elephant. Where are you when you are seeing this elephant? At the zoo? Did you find yourself in the elephant exhibit at the zoo? How close are you to the elephant? Are you close enough to touch his trunk? How vivid is the color magenta? Does the color morph to the usual grey we tend to associate with live elephants?  It is not unusual to see a magenta elephant in a cartoon, but on a live elephant, not so much. Tell me about your experience with this test.

That you could see images of a live elephant in a color that differ from what you observe with the physical eyes indicates your empowerment of thought alone. This empowerment beyond the environment as you know it to be. As you are observing the results of empowerment beyond what you usually regard your environment, you’re observing energy organizing itself into matter. You are showing you know energy is invisible. My question at this point is this. Did you know you could perceive energy with your inner senses? Do you believe you actually saw a magenta elephant? Do you believe you will ever see a live elephant with that color? Is it possible?

How does seeing a magenta elephant fit in with making corrections? This is an example of your potential with your power of thought. In you can see a magenta elephant by thought, you can see anything that exists and is possible in this world. The science behind change is seeing and experiencing something different right now, right where you are. The science behind change is choosing the thoughts you think, including the cells and molecules, organs and systems, even the evidence of heart intelligence, all in the body.  For instance, faced with sickness and disease, you are capable of changing its course in the body by thought alone, if you believe in your capacity to do so, and if you believe you are connected to your body through thought.

Neuroscience tells us sickness and disease are broken patterns of information. Broken patterns of information are flawed beliefs we use in our decision making. An example is the 2020 pandemic, showing the decline in our social institutions organized for managing health care in communities all across the world. While public officials are blaming institutional failings on the pandemic, I am viewing the pandemic as neutral. A malleable thing that reveals how we are evolving in our connectivity. Accepting the pandemic as a vibratory state, I am thinking beyond what the experts and officials are doing in their efforts to solve the problem with the separation strategy of social distancing, coming to terms with the purpose the pandemic is serving.

Because I realize the pandemic is a vibratory state, energy organizing itself into matter day in and day out with thoughts of fear and judgment, I am using my power of thought to focus beyond the reported information, making correction. I am declaring the pandemic neutral, and identifying everyone connected to it with their thoughts of fear and judgment innocent, wherever they are in the world. I realize the pandemic is a perception projected upon the people around the world, showing the connectivity of everyone and everything. I realize the named disorder of the pandemic, coronavirus, is but one of the infinite vibratory states in the human body activated by thought alone. As a vibratory state, the virus is energy organizing itself into matter, visible in the form of droplets discharged through the mouth in speech and coughing.

Fear and judgment transmit facts consisting of broken patterns of information and energy. With this said, the pandemic in serving a purpose that shows how connected we are to everyone and everything. Connecting to the pandemic by thought, we are all free to assign meaning, giving it new purpose. Instead of serving the purpose of fear and judgment, we can by thought along let the pandemic serve the purpose of gratitude and joy in the heart. Why am I grateful? When I am appreciating the thought of a safe world, I realize society at large is telling us the virus is going to put everyone in harm’s way unless they practice social distancing, wear proper masks, and with diligence continue the hand sanitizing processes. While the media, experts and government officials at the local, state and federal levels are enforcing the meaning with the emotions of fear, fostering the feeling of limitation and separation to justify their plan to keep everyone safe, I am practicing thought of a safe world. Giving attention to thoughts of a safe world, I am generating emotions that correspond to respond to the feeling of being safe. I am not saying quantum law is suggesting anything like wishful thinking, or anything magical. I am experiencing the feeling of being safe. I am impressing a thought on the subconscious that works on my behalf.

I am not asking you to believe me. I am asking that you test it out to find out what the subconscious and heart intelligence is doing on your behalf. I am not asking you to forego the guidelines officials are providing. The significance of mask-wearing, hand washing and social distancing is its soothing to those who might be watching you. Those caught up in the fearing and judging because they feel this is an unsafe world will unwittingly be afraid of you, or in the least, judge you as being inconsiderate. With their fears and judgment, they will produce toxic chemicals in their bodies, and without knowing this, weaken their own immune systems. In the least, they would try to get you to change your perspective about the pandemic.

As you entertain the idea of being in a safe world, the subconscious mind is processing internal and external environmental stimuli, gathering patterns of information and energy related to your personal safety. With each thought of a safe world, the subconscious mind is continually “searching and recovering” patterns of “safe energy”, organizing them into situations where you are safe. Ask yourself, “What does a safe world feel like?” When you ask this question, you are initiating a specific conscious premise, impressing the subconscious to produce sensations in the body with your inner senses showing how it feel being in a safe place. Pause for a moment to savor the thought of what your subconscious is doing on your behalf.

If you want to feel safe, with all your heart and soul, see images of safety in the mind’s eye and feel it in your heart, and it will happen. Hint: when you are seeing images of safety in the mind’s eye, you are seeing indicators of your safety already in place. Feeling something in your heart, you are feeling gratitude and joy that it is already done. Your gratitude is validation that your safety is already established, and you are viewing the world through the lens of safety. If  you really realize you are safe, you are relieved, feeling really grateful and joyous. More, you are feeling the sense of your empowerment beyond the circumstances. Happy Friday to you!

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