Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Do you feel it? The seconds passing by.

Clock from https://shop.studioatypical.com/collections/frontpage/products/nihilism-clock-35cm

From the first day of school to the last day of your marriage, we are moving too fast, constantly forgetting the past, realizing our lives won’t last. “What more does life have?”

Without a given purpose or a chance to stop it all, we fear when death comes to your hall. Why do I try? Why do I lie? Why do I make pie? With so many Whys and not enough Whens, take a moment to breathe in and count to ten.

Not every second of your life has to have meaning or purpose. Sometimes it’s about having fun. Sometimes it’s about being human. For when we suffer the pain or feel proud of our gains, let us reclaim the life we cannot tame.

Our ultimate goal as humans are unknown. Our purpose is not handed to us. We wish it was that easy. Instead, we live a life of struggles and problems. “Oh thoust mighty gods, what else is outside my pod?” Maybe it sounds less like a poem, more like “WHAT DO I DO OH MY ATLANTA PLEASE SOMEO-,” and you know what? That’s alright.

I spend hours a day, sitting down and playing games. People call it a waste, but I call it great. I worry about my independence, a time when I’m finally alone. As long as I’m happy, I can call it my home. If I keep living in fear of what comes next, I’ll only come back to digital text. Technology is my escape rope, when I am unable to cope.

Instead of trying to worry about every minute, find something that you can commit. Live life and give it your all, in the grand universe you’re only so small. We might become nothing but we’re at least something. So smile, laugh, try to be happy, cause life’s gonna get snappy.


But the most important thing to remember. Time only stops, when you stare at the clock, otherwise it will move without a second thought.

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