Unproblematic YouTubers

With so many Shane Dawsons and Jeffree Stars in the world, it can be tough to find good YouTube channels. Sometimes you just want some entertainment without all the drama, you know? I’ve compiled a list of unproblematic YouTube recommendations in case you’re in need of some new influencers.

1. Unus Annus

First up is Unus Annus, a channel created by Markiplier and Crankgameplays. If you’re interested in this channel, you better subscribe quick because it’s not going to last! Mark and Ethan plan on deleting the channel and all of its videos on its one year anniversary as a reminder of how the things we love can be temporary. It sounds gloom-and-doom, but the content itself is actually pretty light-hearted. The aim of the content is to allow Mark and Ethan to experience as many things as possible within the yearlong deadline, like a big bucketlist, so it almost has a Jenna Marbles type of feeling. They upload daily, which I think is a huge benefit of the channel.

2. Sam Collins

If you’re looking for a wholesome LGBT+ YouTuber to replace Jeffree Star on your feed, Sam Collins is your guy. He’s a trans YouTuber who makes plenty of reaction videos, internet commentary, and even tips for transguys. His videos are always very tasteful and his humor is the perfect blend of sarcasm and bluntness. He’s a great YouTuber to turn to if you want to hear a transman’s opinion on different TikTok trends, Subreddits, or if you’re just looking for some genuinely funny content.

3. BigCatDerek

BigCatDerek is my go-to channel when I’m feeling sick or anxious. Derek is a worker at Care Rescue Texas, a rescue center that provides shelter for various wild animals such as tigers, lions, jaguars, lemurs, and more! Derek posts vlogs where he simply walks around the compound and checks in with each of the animals. You’ll get to know all of the cats by name, and you’ll even know their unique personalities! Derek himself is also quite a personality. His sense of humor is very silly and upbeat, which makes him a perfect mood-lifter. I also donate to Care Rescue Texas when I’m able!

4. CaptainSparklez

If you’re someone who’s into gaming (especially Minecraft!), I would recommend CaptainSparklez! The Captain’s real name is Jordan, and he’s a super chill guy who likes to play games and sometimes posts some high-quality reaction videos. His content is very similar to YouTubers like Markiplier and Jacksepticeye, though his personality is a little bit calmer and more low-key. You can also check out some of his side channels, such as Jordan Lifts, where he posts workout videos.

5. wthmille

I don’t watch many Beauty YouTubers, but I do think Mille is extremely funny and I love all the twists she puts into her videos! She likes to make looks based off of music videos, especially Kpop, and her work is always creative and eye-catching. My favorite videos are those that feature her mom, or the ones where she tries to translate English slang into German. She’s extremely sassy and sarcastic, but never rude.

6. Alex Tima

Alex Tima of Hybrid Wellness has been my favorite fitness YouTuber during quarantine! He posts near-daily streams of his own workouts so you can follow along at home. Since he’s a professional, I trust his advice on dieting and exercise, and I’ve personally made a lot of progress since I started following along with his videos. Not only is he well-educated, he’s also incredibly funny! His videos are always a little silly and often include playful interactions with his coworker, Roxy. Even if you’re not looking for a workout, Alex can certainly make you laugh!

7. Press Buttons ‘N Talk

Press Buttons ‘N Talk is a gaming channel run by Manky and ProZD, an iconic comedy duo. You might recognize ProZD from his famous Vines from back in the day! Today, these two post really awesome Let’s Plays for retro and lesser-known games, so they’re a great place to go if you’re looking to expand your gaming culture. They have really awesome on-camera chemistry and their jokes are always on-pointe. I’m a big fan of their Ace Attorney series, and I also love following both of their social media.

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