By: Corey Lack


The twelfth book of the Dresden Files series, Changes, is very aptly named as it has many huge changes that take place throughout the story. Now, I can’t really discuss this story without mentioning important facts that appear in this one, so I’m posting a bit spoiler warning right here. If you haven’t read it yet and don’t want to be spoiled on it, then get out of the rock you’ve been living under and go read it. Now, for the rest of you, let’s continue.


The plot revolves around Harry finding out from his former flame, Susan Rodriguez, the former reporter turned half-vampire, that he has a daughter and that said daughter has been kidnapped by the Red Court vampires. Harry, of course, immediately leaps into action to try and rescue her. The problem is many of the allies he goes to in order to try and get help, like the White Council and his former teacher, either can’t or won’t help him. Murphy finds herself under investigation, Michael is out of commission, and most of the White Council has either been afflicted with a mysterious illness or have been arrested. As such, Harry has to make a decision that is changes his life again, namely agreeing to be the Winter Knight. Near the end of the story, it seems like Harry wins a bitter sweet victory by turning the vampires’ bloodline killing spell back on them and killing every Red Court vampire at once by sacrificing Susan’s life, but right when it seems like might turn out alright, the event that no one could possibly have seen coming happens. Harry is shot and killed by a sniper.


To say that this story hits the reader with surprise after surprise is an understatement. I was not able to guess a single thing about the story as I was reading it and I certainly never saw the ending coming. Many of the recurring characters make their reappearance and a few of them get further developed as the story goes through. The villains, as with most of the antagonists in this series, are easy to hate and are often holding the better hand, where Harry and his allies are developed to make them believable and easy to connect to, even the ones that aren’t human. Harry’s teacher, Ebenezar, especially has his motives for his actions explained through the events of this story and suddenly a lot of things about him makes more sense.


With suspenseful plot and the dramatic ending, I can’t suggest this book enough. The writing is well done, the characters are fascinating, and the plot twists can’t be seen coming. I know I say this with just about every story in this series, but I really mean it when I say that this is a must read.

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