Throughout the last 30 years of so, we have been told that the United States of America will be replaced as the leader of our world by other superpowers like China and Russia. The latter might not have the capacity in terms of economy and wealth to live up to expectations but the former definitely does.

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Lurking in Central Asia, Africa and South America, PRC is shoving its influence through the veins of governments and economies while US is playing the bad guy and taking the blame for everything. One of the biggest achievements of China is undoubtedly the economically crippled, yet petroleum–rich country called Iran. In the wake 40 years of animosity with the US and on again off again relationship with Russia, China has sealed an agreement to assist Iran in development and progress for the next 25 years. It has been claimed that this is just an agreement but inside, it is a way out for the totalitarian regime in Iran to lift itself form its financial miseries and for China to enjoy cheap but quality oil for years to come.

The biggest loser of this game is undoubtedly the US. They have for years tried to bring Iran to some sort of negotiations, imposed multiple forms of sanctions on the economy. They did success to bring the nation to its knees with the currency losing its value for about 20 times in less than a decade. You might ask how has US failed? The answer is in the fact that China is now offering a hand. It will provide survival support for Iran and its reserved regime and finish what US has started.

What makes the situation worse for the US is the fact it is already dealing with Trump, the pandemic and all-out economical war on China. It basically does not have the political time and energy to deal with Iran in an election year. China will play its lurking game of spreading its economic colonialism and in a matter of decades, you will find hundreds of countries owing to China and having to sell of their resources and riches to pay for the debts.

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