Do you ever get lonely? Don’t worry, we all do. As humans we desire affection, love, and attention. It is important to us to live a happy life. Well, let me tell ye a tale of the technique passed down from the ancestors of the past, E-Dating.
“What exactly is E-Dating?”
A good question my lad! It’s just dating but done online. No physical touch, just texting and maybe using face cams.

“Ah so it’s a long distance relationship!”
Well sort of. The thing about long distance relationships is typically the person has had time with the person they are dating. They’ve felt their hugs and maybe given them a kiss. They’ve got a person they’ve seen to give them something to miss. E-Dating is, well… Maybe they’ve seen each other and have played games with each other. “Wait, maybe they’ve seen each other? Like… they haven’t seen each other and are technically dating?” Precisely, or maybe they don’t even know what they ACTUALLY look like. On the internet, people will find ways to lie about what they look like, and they could even use fake pictures to lure you in. Typically these people are called catfishes, and yes this is looked down upon.

“Well, at least it’s somewhat of a proper relationship..”
Oh! But we’re only getting started. Maybe you struggle to find someone online, and that’s fine!. Cause there’s websites where you can pay to have people play with you!
“Pay to.. have friends?”
Not just friends. E-Girls! For only a few games.. Yes, you can use money to buy someone to play a few games with you! Maybe if you use enough money, you might gather enough attention from them to actually start E-Dating! It is a magical experience is it not?
“I’m… not quite sure why..”

If you are too shy to actually play games with them, why not donate money to a popular streamer! Do you see that cute girl that’s streaming on Twitch every few days, how about donating tons of money to get her attention!
“Dude I know you’re joking now”

Am I?
Okay, but in all seriousness, it is okay to donate to content creators you enjoy watching. It is a great way to show your support to the people that provide free entertainment to you. Be it a female or male, someone you’re dating or not, it’s okay to donate. Along with E-Dating, I think as long as you guys respect each other, then who am I to judge if you’re happy together? Be it online or real life, if you guys are happy together, and if you do end up having a long lasting relationship, then good for you. It is not something for me or anyone else to stop.

However, I think it’s a good time to discuss “E-Girls” and the questionable services that have risen up cause of them. People have made a market for lonely guys online trying to find a girl to play games with them. It’s interesting to say at the least, but also sort of strange in it’s own way. First off, is this something for me to complain about? Both sides are usually happy. The girl (or guy) gets paid money. The customer gets a friend to play with.

I’d also like to bet a portion of their customers are people just joking around or just incredibly bored, there is no doubt. I’ve had a few of my friends purchase from these services just to see how it’s like. However, I’d say it is worrisome the audience these services are looking for, people who are desperate and lonely.

Maybe a service like this is necessary in our society to satisfy those who are less confident in talking to others, meeting new people, or maintaining relationships. Though, there are better ways to approach this, rather than an “E-Girl Gaming Website”. In the gaming community, we already suffer from a clear problem of “simps” and sexism. Girls are considered terrible players cause of their gender. Girls are constantly barraged with “ISNTA? FACEBOOK? SNAP?” the moment people realize they’re a girl. Now, it’s not like that in every game’s community, but it’s apparent in a lot. We shouldn’t encourage this type of behavior, especially trying to monopolize off of it.

I understand these websites were probably made with some intent to be as a joke, but it further spreads the divide girls and boys have online, even if it wasn’t intentional. Though, I will admit. Maybe this is the future of our society. Maybe we have to accept purchasing people to be your friend as a common thing. It is up to the people, and what they want, not me after all. So if you want a girl to play with, it can’t be stopped, but I do not think this is the right approach for a problem like this.

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