It no coincidence that the federal judge, Esther Salas’s son was killed, and her husband injured, 4 days after she(Salas) was assigned the Deutsche Bank/Jeffrey Epstein civil case.

Salas’s slain son— Daniel Anderl (left), Salas (right)

Although, Some might wonder if truly there is a link between the Deutsche bank and the shooting at Judge Salas’s residence in New Jersey. Well, there is.

Think about it. Why now? 4 days after Salas took over the Deutsche Bank/Jeffrey Epstein civil case.

Here, No armed delivery man dressed in FedEx uniform will randomly end up on anyone’s door. The Shooting at judge Salas’s residence killing her son and injuring her husband was a targeted attempt. It was precise. It is believed that Salas received threats in the past from time to time.

Why the Deutsche Bank Might be Involved in this crime

The Deutsche Bank has been involved in several shady businesses. The public knows this. Many bad and dirty stories always have the ‘Deutsche bank’ wind up in its stories. Have ever wonder why?

Something just doesn’t smell right.

Deutsche Bank investors sued the bank for providing false and misleading statements about its anti-money laundering policy. Past financial records showed that Deutsche Bank has ties in Putin’s crimes.

Also, Deutsche Bank has ties with Trump’s crimes. However, Trump has remained its biggest creditor. Deutsche Bank was also fined $150M for failing to flag Jeffrey Epstein’s shady transactions. Why will a legal bank hide such records?

Deutsche Bank hasn’t been a money-laundering medium for Jeffrey Epstein only. The bank with Kushner, Trump, and multiple transnational mafia operatives has been involved in money laundering too.

This shows why someone or a corporation might try to scare off the only judge who can do justice to its money laundering case. Killing Salas’s son and injuring her husband was no coincidence. It was a timely targeted attempt.

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