I happen to really like Lady Antebellum. The band has a sweet song named ‘Need you Now’ that has such a nice sound and beautiful lyrics. Yet, I can’t defend them. They really are making a mess of things.

COVID-19 definitely changed the world. One consequence of the virus is that the world was paused. While our healthcare heros and others fought this virus, the rest of us were ordered to stay home. It caused a lot of people to do introspection.

I think it was the introspection and the transparency of the Black Lives Matter movement, that caused Lady Antebellum to want to change. Antebellum means before war, which many think it references slavery. The trio decided that they could no longer call themselves, Lady Antebellum.

I’m not sure how I feel about it. The group was formed in 2006. Why did they wait so long to notice this negative connotation?

It seems weird that they only did this now when it is popular to favor black audiences.

Well it gets worse. Lady Antebellum chose a new name. They now wish to be called Lady A – which is interesting because they are copying this name from another person. They are taking the name from a black woman.

Anita White is an artist that has been using the Lady A stage name for over twenty years. She is a blues singer.

When I went to Amazon Music, I looked for Anita’s music. It took me a few minutes to find her music, instead I found the trio’s music first.

Anita White is upset over the group’s name change. Rightfully so. Not only are they stealing her name but they are suing her for using the name. They claim that they filed a trademark for the Lady A name in 2010.

I can’t speak on the legal matters because I am not a lawyer nor a judge. Yet what I will say is that the trio formerly known as Lady Antebellum are bullying Anita White to change her name. That does not seem to be right. Regardless to who wins the legal battle, the group has a high probability of receiving negative publicity and not winning in the court of public opinion.

So, Lady Antebellum, Lady A or whoever you are…please we don’t need this now. Just let Anita keep her Lady A name or give her the deal she offered ($5 million charity & $5 million for her).

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