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Kim is shocked that Kanye talked about North at the rally. She is furious that he shared something extremely private.

Rumors have spread about the possibility that Kanye West is having a new bipolar disorder crisis. The rapper held a rally in South Carolina during his Presidential candidacy. There, he revealed that he and his wife, media personality Kim Kardashian, were about to abort their first daughter North. But that a call from God prevented it.

Dressed in a bulletproof vest with the word SECURITY written in front of it, West gave an inconsistent speech to hundreds of people. When asked about his stance regarding abortion, the singer burst into tears. He remembered how his father wanted to terminate his own mother’s pregnancy, which would give birth to him. He thought of doing the same when Kim Kardashian became pregnant. “I almost killed my daughter,” he said.

West shared that in 2013 his wife “had the pills in her hand” to abort, but said God inspired him to have the child. He claimed that he did not know what to do with the pregnancy news. “In the first months we talked about her not having the child,” he said.

But, according to the rapper’s words, he received what he interpreted as a sign from God. “While I was in the Paris apartment, the same one where Kim was later robbed in, I had my computer open, all my creative ideas, my shoe line, the CD cover of my next song… And the screen went black and white. I called my girlfriend and I said let’s have this baby. “

“Kim is shocked that Kanye talked about North at the rally,” a source told People magazine. “She is furious that he shared something extremely private.” The main concern of the businesswoman is the way in which the revelations of her husband about her private life can affect her four children: North (7), Saint (4), Chicago (2), and Psalm (1).

“She loves her children tremendously and wants to protect them,” added the informant. “Her favorite thing in the world is being a mother.”

People magazine also claims that the couple is in crisis due to West’s behavior. “Things have fallen apart significantly between the two, and it happened suddenly,” the publication noted in an article Monday.

The 43-year-old musician suffers from bipolar disorder. The last related episode took place in 2016 when he was hospitalized for a “psychiatric emergency” that forced him to cancel a world tour.

According to the TMZ, the musician’s personal revelation shocked the famous American family clan and they believe he urgently needs professional help. They are convinced that the rapper’s erratic actions are due to a new bipolar episode. In turn, they are upset that the artist is becoming a “distraction to what is a very important choice” in the country.

West also sparked controversy, stating that the famous African-American abolitionist Harriet Tubman, who participated in a clandestine network in the 19th century to remove dozens of blacks from the southern United States, “never actually freed slaves” but “made them work for other white people. “

The winner of 21 Grammys also spoke out against increased gun control, stating that “shooting pistols is fun” and that if people stopped having weapons, other countries could invade the US and “enslave” its population.

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