Fans of “Alita: Battle Angel” advocate for sequel on Twitter

More than a year after the release of “Alita: Battle Angel,” fans of the film have taken to Twitter to show that they want a sequel to the 2019 film.

Released Feb. 14, 2019, “Alita: Battle Angel” was an adaptation of the popular Japanese manga series called “Gunnm,” translated into English as “Battle Angel Alita.” The film, directed by “Spy Kids” director Robert Rodriguez and produced by “Avatar” director James Cameron, followed the story of cyborg Alita, played by Rosa Salazar. In the future, Alita is a cyborg with a human brain who wakes up not remembering who she was before being revived by Dr. Dyson Ido, played by Christoph Waltz. Alita soon goes a journey to find out who she was before all the while being hunted down by bounty hunters.

Upon release, “Alita: Batte Angel” received many positive reviews making $85 million dollars domestically and $319 million worldwide. After the film’s release, Cameron and Rodriguez hinted that they were planning on sequels to the film due to the inclusion of characters in the film who were given uncredited cameos. However, in a April 2020 article from Collider, Waltz said that he believes a sequel to the film may not be coming due to the owners of the film.

“Alita: Battle Angel” was the last film released by 20th Century Fox before it was acquired by Disney. Despite the acclaim and success of the film, Waltz said in his interview with Collider that it may not happen.

“Maybe it doesn’t fit into the Disneyfication, but I have no clue. I have no clue,” Waltz told Collider. “Maybe they’re working on something and I wouldn’t be the first person to hear, but meanwhile, I haven’t heard anything.”

Despite this, fans of the film took to Twitter on July 23 to voice their opinions that a sequel should come out. Using #AlitaSequel, fans have made posts saying what they loved about the original and why a sequel is deserved. The hashtag at one point even made it to the Top 30 Trending topics on Twitter.

Time will tell if “Alita: Battle Angel” is eventually going to be given a sequel. But, if it does come out, the hashtag shows that there is a decent amount of fans willing to support a new one.

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