Whether you are Republican of Democratic, or in between, this election year is like no other in the history of Presidential elections. When you get right down to it, nothing is going to be standard this election year. Not the private nor public conventions of each party, nor the televised debates, not even the voting itself, that has been frought with legalities over mail in versus in person voting.

What we have here is a election bordering on pandemonium folks. The left hand does not know what the right hand it doing. Things vary from State to State as to mail in vote, versus in person voting. and we have exactly 100 days to decide. Decide between a 74 year old Republican businessman who says everything he is thinking, rages at most things, has been called mentally unbalanced, a prima donna, and only looking out for himself, and a 77 year old laissez- faire attitude, forgetful, handsy, ex- Vice President. Many would guess at who would win would be the best of two evils scenario.

The polls so far have signified more chaos. Biden is leading overall, but in foreign policy, Biden is worse than Trump. Erratic as he is, he has a knack with relating to other leads of countries. He has refused to be goaded into another cold war with Russia, met with the leader of North Korea, and offered direct talks with Iran, as well as moved to end the war in Afghanistan. While Biden is ahead in mock polls, so was Clinton, and we know how that turned out. This is all going to come down to battleground state polls. These States are Michigan, Arizona, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Florida, Texas, and Iowa.

President Trump Is set to Rally in Jacksonville, Florida after Charlotte, NC decided that it would pass. President Trumps platform centers around its law and order manifesto, with current federal officers deployed to Oregon and Chicago, to deal with the protests and crime that is currently plaguing those cities. In the battleground states as of the end of June, his approval numbers of the Economy are 56%, Coronavirus are 41%, Criminal Justice is 40%, Race relations 34%, and Floyd Protest, 31%.

While Trump had secured the college educated white voter last election, this seems to be slipping considerably. The newest polls out indicate a shift of 11 points in this group changing to Biden. Mr. Biden leads among voters 65 and over reversing a decade long republican advantage. I think it is going to come down to who Biden picks as his Vice President. If he is the best the democratic party has, he needs to pick a strong leader who can equal out his lack of power and leadership . This will make or break him. Frankly, if he passes away in office, we need to know who can carry things on maybe better than he would.

Many were hopeful of a Libertarian candidate Justin Amash, representative from Michigan, who threw his hat in the ring in April. He withdrew early citing that it was not the correct time. Many thought it would take votes away from Biden and give them to Trump. There is certainly no love lost between Trump and Amash, however Amash has stated his intention was to win.

A late comer to the race, just last week, is Kanye West, Husband of Kim Kardashian, The man has intelligence for sure. He would not be where he is today without that, but common sense, I am not so sure. His rally in South Carolina depicted someone who is off-balance mentally, it is fine we all have moments, but we cannot have another 4 years of struggle and unsure when tough decisions have to be made if he can make them. Me. West has had treatment previously, but does not take routine medication, which his wife states can be ” difficult and people can be judgmental and not understand the individual themselves have to engage in the process of getting help, no matter how hard the family and friends try” This means that he has not always sought treatment , even when people close to him are asking him to get help. It remains to be seen if he will bow out of the race, it seems likely that he will do so.

Whomever wins this election in 100 days is going to have much damage control to contend with. Coronavirus, the economy, national debt, school closure, and foreign policy is all high on the list for the next administration. We always have to keep in mind as well that the threat of terror in a weakened state could always be a development, internal as well as external. Stay safe everyone and vote!

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