It has been announced Mike Tyson will be going one-on-one with Roy Jones Jr. One hell of a fight, if you’d ask me.

“Iron” Mike will fight Roy Jones Jr. on Sept. 12 in a fight called Frontline Battle (8-round exhibition). The fight will take place in California.

The legendary boxer, iron Mike insisted he’s going full force at the fight with the 51-year-old, Roy jr. Tyson made this clear when speaking with TMZ live.

Mike Tyson training hard
Mike Tyson training

“Anybody who knows me, I don’t know how to [take my foot off the gas]. I just know one way of fighting and that’s just what it is.” Tyson is coming. full forced!

Tyson has been a new-different person, after going through a series of training months back with full health.

Roy Jones Jr. is very excited about the fight. He said he has been ready for years! Roy explained he knows his fight with Tyson will be like that of a cast-iron. But he insisted that he knows how to take down Mike’s ass’.

Roy hr in a fight
Roy Jr in a fight

RJJ has an unimaginable 66-9 record. And Tyson, 50-6 as a Pro in the game. Something is definitely cooking. But then. Till the night of Sept. 12th!

Mike Tyson and Roy jr at their peak
Tyson(left) Roy (right)

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