Living With ADHD: Explained through Memes

I was diagnosed with ADHD a few years ago and it was a huge relief. Whenever I was asked if I had experienced certain problems, it was like being seen for the first time. I was once asked if, when I was in school, I frequently forgot my backpack. Not only did I forget my backpack at least once a week while growing up, I specifically remember my sophomore year of high school doing it so often that my mom told me the next time I forgot it, she wouldn’t bring it back to me. I got better at remembering, but I also started driving shortly after so that may have had something to do with it.

It is very validating to know that you aren’t being lazy or complaining to much, that your symptoms are real and there is treatment for it. The first time I took medicine I was amazed at how I could do normal things without feeling like I would die of boredom. It helps tremendously, the side effects can be annoying but the end result makes it worth it.

Personally I feel as if many people don’t know a lot about ADHD, and these memes are here to educate people on what it really feels like. I also think these memes are funny and relatable for people who have ADHD, and may bring spark some joy. ADHD is a spectrum, a person can show different symptoms than another, but both have ADHD. The topics I chose to focus on may not be relatable to everyone with ADHD. Also I am not a doctor or an expert, I speak only from experience and from what research I have consumed.


Hyperfocusing occurs when a person with ADHD gets obsessed with a project, activity, etc. Usually it can result in a loss of time (time-blindness) and cause us to focus on something for hours, but think it has only been a few minutes. Many people with ADHD can’t control what they hyperfocus on, so it is normally something they find interesting. It can also lead to a disconnect from your surroundings, because you are not able to pay attention to what is going on around you.


Because our brains move so fast, it is hard for us to remember what we were doing. I lose my phone 5 times a day, not to mention everything else I lose. I also can never remember what I was doing, what I was talking about, or if I have done the thing I needed to do. I have to triple check to make sure doors are locked and my flat iron is unplugged. It may not seem like this would create a real problem, but I have been late to work many times because I got halfway there and couldn’t remember if I locked the door.

Not being able to stay on track

I once saw someone with ADHD refer to themselves as a “serial hobbyist,” which is a perfect way to describe my life. I am constantly switching hobbies and tasks, the second they don’t stimulate my mind anymore they are forgotten about! This also goes for conversations with people, whether it be the inability to not blurt out the first thing that pops into your head or not being able to listen to someone for more than 30 seconds.

Without meds, you can get easily sidetracked and end up hyperfocusing on something else. With too much, you can get easily sidetracked and end up hyperfocusing on something else.


Many people with ADHD have rejection sensitive dysphoria, making it extremely painful for them to be criticized, mocked, or feel like they have disappointed someone they care about. Impulsivity is kind of like lacking a “filter” and we end up saying whatever comes to our mind, even if it’s not the right time to say it. Sometimes this is acceptable, and even funny, and other times it can cause people to give you a weird look or call you annoying. When this happens, a person’s RSD can be activated; some people will then stop talking frequently, to avoid being a bother to others.Impulsivity can also present itself in not being able to see the future outcomes of your actions. For example, touching wet paint because the texture looks cool or spending half of your paycheck without paying the bills first.


Like I mentioned before, time blindness is the inability to keep track of time. This can be seen in hyperfocusing, but also in everyday life.

What it feels like inside our heads


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I’m no expert but I hope this helps people understand their different brains a little better! #ADHD #ADD #mentalhealth #objectpermanence #organization

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Did this make you see ADHD any differently? For my ADHD people reading this, please let me know if you related! There are subreddit’s, YouTube channels, podcasts, TikToks, and instagram pages all about ADHD, There is an abundance of information out there, you just have to find it! Educate yourself if you have, think you have, or know someone who has ADHD! It can really affect your life and relationships. Thanks for reading!

-Baylee Frances Burke

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