Donald Trump: America’s Greatest Mistake, Highlights of his Failure

#AmericasGreatestMistake, is no other president than Donald Trump. Many bad people still control power in American but Trump still remains America’s Greatest Mistake. Many thing have been taken from the Americans. Their lives, the government, employment, including their country!

The lack of leadership from the U.S. president, Donald Trump has led to great failures. In fact, Trump hasn’t achieved anything other than failures. Among many others, these are some points and facts on how Trump has failed.

  1. His Ignorance has killed 140,000 Americans.
  2. 4 lives million infected.
  3. 40 million unemployed.
  4. Worst unemployment since the Great Depression.
  5. Resisted to wear a mask.
  6. The worst economy since the Great Recession.
  7. Did nothing concerning Russian bounties on American Troops.
  8. Has no respect for women.
  9. Spews lies.
  10. Rushes reopening of schools even as I section rate increases.
  11. Doesn’t listen to experts.
  12. Fires anyone who disagrees with his ill-informed opinions.

Watch how Trump, America’s Greatest Mistake, the worst ever…

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