Quite a number came with accusations against Elon Musk recent tweets that “another government stimulus package is not in the best interests of the people”

It clear that this tweet is a negative one. Many people went straight expressing their bitter disappointment to the tweets. There is a lot of reasons why the stimulus package will help people rather than hurt them.

Why Stimulus Packages are the people’s best Interest

The stimulus package is meant to help for unemployment caused by the pandemic and others. Unquestionably, Musk is against the populace seeking a better living. The goal of government should be to maximize the greatest good of the people. Not to make life difficult for its citizens. There are no jobs anywhere. More people are losing their work and homes. The stimulus packages are the best decision now. They’re in the best interests of the people, not the other way.

The Criticism Against Elon Musk

Musk is a major beneficiary of the U.S. stimulus package. Over $4.9 billion from government subsidies fuels the Musk tech empire. If such can be beneficial to him why not everyone else. It is believed that the reason why Musk is against this government spending is that he isn’t getting from it. Musk who is against stimulus package later tweeted that “I’m in *favor* of universal basic income.”

The Big Question is

Does anyone need to remind Musk that there is a health crisis? Does he want the Americans to survive or not? Does he want citizens to step on his front door protesting before he sees the benefit of the people rather than himself?

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