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Journaling is good for the soul and whether you kick it old school with a pen and paper or you keep a digital copy, it’s important to reserve time to unwind and write. This should be a place that you can be yourself, a judgement-free zone where all your thoughts are welcome. Find what makes you tick and nurture your soul with a little writing.

Think of your journal as an old friend. Like an old friend, it’s always there for you. Confide in the safety of your private writing to experience the full effect of the exercise, for this is your safe place to write what you wish. Write down your most honest feelings and know that your personal thoughts are yours and yours only. You should feel comfortable expressing your emotions here and keep your journal accessible for when you need it.

Again your journal should never be a place to beat yourself up or to bruise your self-esteem. Focus on the positives in life and be kind to yourself. Try your hand at listing things that you are grateful for as an automatic mood booster. 

You have free creative control, so have fun with writing and develop your own sense of style. Freewriting equals free thinking, start by writing about things that come into mind and just jot as you go. Let your mind roam on the pages, let bursts of creativity and random thought punctuate the paper. It’s a great technique to relieve writer’s block!

Soothe the soul with a little writing and learn to cleanse your frame of mind, as well as cope with stress. Let journaling be a means to release the negative clutter in your mind and make room for motivation. The paper is there to absorb any extra stress that you might be carrying and writing provides a better sense of perspective. 

Set goals for yourself and write about what you want to achieve. There’s something satisfying about writing down your goals and even better, achieving them. Allow yourself to set realistic goals that you can achieve but avoid setting the bar too high to result in failure, be realistic but still dream big. Writing down a goal is essentially setting the objective in stone and it will drive you to “reach for the stars!” 

Use your journal as a tool to make your life a little bit easier. Write notes to yourself, to-do lists and whatever things that may be important to finding success in your day to day life.

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