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Tim Cook, a Wisconsin man, won the Powerball jackpot. He won $22 million dollars which amounted to $16.7 million dollars after taxes. Congratulations to him and his family. He is lucky for winning but the reason he is making headline news is because he kept a promise.

In 1992, Tim Cook made a promise with his friend Joseph Feeny. They promised that if one of them wins Powerball, he would split it with the other one. What a powerful handshake that was.

I don’t think this is an uncommon promise. I have heard of many instances of people saying they will share the winnings with each other. However, it is remarkable that Tim Cook kept his promise.

Cook will split the winnings with his friend, so each man should get about $5.7 million dollars after taxes. Both men are now retired from work.

I think positive stories such as this are needed to give us faith in words such as friendship and honor. So thank you Cook for doing this.

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