Some stuff you might want to read if you’re stuck in Pandemic Prison

I’m in a few high-risk categories for COVID-19, so I don’t get out much these days.

That’s a big and unwelcome change for me, for sure.

I’m addicted to a couple of online games, but much of what I do to fill my previously-occupied hours is to read. Fortunately, from Donald Trump’s latest outrages to coronavirus, there is no shortage of stuff to read, and to try to process. I’m all about reading in “normal” times, but the quantity and quality of investigative stories and politicalanalysis has grown recently.

Just in the past several days, I’ve come across an unusually high number of interesting articles, and I thought I’d share a few here.

How tension over Black Lives Matter caused big problems for a Seattle museum for children:

A look at justice and imprisonment in America:

The Sierra Club reckons with the racist history of its founder:

ProPublica’s masterful job of looking at future migration due to climate change:

AOC teaches a jerk how to act:

How Trump could still win:

Pandemic smacks both Boomers and Millennials:

Bob Dylan’s new work is a sign of the times:

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