Who goes after renovating a garden, Rose Garden for exorbitant amounts of dollars during a national crisis. Or during a pandemic? Melania Trump plans for the renovation of Rose Garden, however, there have been:

  1. NO COVID-19 plan.
  2. NO healthcare plan.
  3. NO plan to curtail million of death.
  4. NO unemployment resuscitation plan.

Many Americans suffer during the worst health and financial crisis in a generation. Trump golfs & installs a tennis court while his Mrs.Trump renovates the Rose Garden.

The renovation of the Rose garden is a signature to showcase power by the First Lady, Melania Trump. Just like many others had done decades ago.

This is a scheme by Melania Trump to write down her legacy even after doing nothing for the American citizens. According to Prof. Katherine Jellison who studies first ladies, her(Mrs. trump) agenda is to make her name in history book knowing she has a brief time in the White House.

“One reading of this project is that maybe Melania Trump is sensing that she has a relatively brief time in the White House,” said Katherine Jellison, a professor at Ohio University. “And if she’s going to make her mark in the way Jackie Kennedy did in her brief time, a project of this sort would be appropriate.”

Also, Melania’s effort on Rose Garden renovation is to strengthen her husband, Donald Trump’s chances for the up-and-coming re-election. Mrs. Trump’s project on Rose Garden tallies with Mr. Trump’s Rose Garden strategy, discovered by political strategists, illustrated as the tactics incumbent presidents use to bolster their campaign efforts.

It is crystal clear, that Trump’s administration is only for him and his family. It has literally been:

A government of Trump, By Trump, and For Trumps!

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