Goku and Superman

Sometimes I am astounded by some things that are right in front of me. I am really surprised that I did not think of this before.

Goku and Superman are basically the same origin story and they seem to have the same characteristics. So wait, I liked the same character in different stories, wow.


  • Goku was sent as a baby from Planet Vegeta to Earth. He was sent to conquer Earth. He grew up with his grandfather and later traveled the world with different companions.
  • Superman was sent as a baby from Krypton to Earth. He was sent to conquer Earth.  He grew up on Earth with the Kent family and had many adventures with his friends.


  • Goku is naïve. He didn’t even know the meaning of the word bride. He thought it was food. As long as you feed him and he can train/fight, he is happy.
  • Superman is described as a boy scout that loves to help people. He believes in truth and justice.
  • Both don’t kill their enemies. They even become friends with their enemies.


  • Goku has super strength, flies, super speed, and can teleport.
  • Superman has super strength, flies, super speed, razer beams, ice breath, etc.

Love Life

  • Goku has Chi-chi that he loves
  • Superman has Lois that he loves.

I’m not really seeing big differences. They both seem to fight aliens and save the day. Both seem to be overpowered and find strength to save others. I can’t believe I love both characters and never noticed this fully before.

Wow, you can learn something new everyday.

Who would win if they have a fight? No clue, my money is on Superman. He seems to have plot armor in all the movies. Even if Goku dies, he can be resurrected by the Dragon Balls.


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