Muslims all over the world celebrate the holy festival, Eid Mubarak is also known as Eid al-Adha, today, 31st July 2020. It is a joyful day for the Muslims as they slay their ram, or goat, as it is a tradition.

Why Do Muslims celebrate Eid Mubarak?

Eid Mubarak is also known as the ‘Festival of the Sacrifice’, it is done in honor of the tale of the prophet Ibrahim or Abraham. According to the tale, prophet Ibrahim was commanded by God to sacrifice his only son. Ibrahim was willing to. However, God saw Ibrahim’s obedient and honest heart he changed his request.

When God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son
When God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son

Later, God asked prophet Ibrahim to kill a ram that was nearby. Prophet Ibrahim did.

Due to this scared and holy encounter, the Muslims decided to have it as a tradition every year naming it “Eid Mubarak”

This brought about the slaughtering ram once every year by Muslims.

How is Eid Mubarak celebrated?

It is known that Muslims do fast before having a special prayer of Eid. The special prayer is done between the Ishraq (dawn) and Zawal (midday) prayers.

An official holiday is declared globally in Muslim countries. Usually 3 days.

On Eid Mubarak, Muslims have the grandest feast with family and friends.

Muslims give out special gifts such as money, food, and others to the poor charity. This is called Zakat-ul-Fitr.

On this blessed day of Eid, wishing you and your family joy, happiness, peace, and prosperity! Happy Eid Mubarak!

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